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  1. how you like that RRVV? hows the quality? I was thinkin about building a kit around it...
  2. oh *fruitcage* heroshark, the jaw works and everything!!! love the vid
  3. @ Buzzsaw: Beautiful rifle! im jealous, its perfect.
  4. My RAV, sorry for bad quality pics, built in web cam Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  5. http://www.pbase.com/racingmaniac/image/11...01/original.jpg why do you have rail covers on the top? ive been seeing more and more of this, i just dont get it. thanks-
  6. haha, idunno what that is either... maybe camouflage for when he's infiltrating his neighbors chicken coupe... lol
  7. ya, i want slomars... everything. haha, i love M4's all plane jane like that.
  8. WWWOOOOOWWW! the last pic is great!
  9. what is the point? looks like wasted money to have two rifles that appear identical (almost)...
  10. can anyone tell me if they use an ATN Viper and what they think of it? thanks -tat0r
  11. me and my team oda-803 at op: new horizon lll in santa clara CA. me
  12. ya, this is page 200 out of 100... haha, isn't it time for a new thread?!
  13. yes, great look. i'm always in aww for your vests. i wish that exact one.
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