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  1. does my status reset itself ???

  2. The second option would cover most things, it allows users to still rate that reply/ thread. it should stop or slow down users out just to trash another user's Rep score.
  3. The problem is how often does someone bother to positive tick someone (even ebay its hard to get somepeople to leave feedback with a perfectly good transaction). . If you looked at the way some people had left negative REP on this and the other thread, it wasn't because the replies deserved it was to humour themsevles . i agreed with what you said quote " It's still useful to know someone's rep " But only if its a true rep which if everyone was to use the rep thing properly it would work but atm it hasn't .
  4. You are weighing the liquid form of your choosen propellent in the mag as gas isn't that much heavier than air .
  5. yep your right its some of the elite 2 range that have the zips
  6. So far i've - 9 rep for asking a question on this thread . If the reputation is something that needs to be there either make so only people posting in that thread can mark up/down ( to stop randoms just making people because it funny ) . Like alot of things in life poeple do things that THEY think is funny without looking at the consequences, as Frogfish said its affected his trading. Sad really
  7. I have the Magnums with the zip down the side and at first the zip was very handy for taking off muddy boots easily but within 6 months the zip has come away from the boot .
  8. this is clever i've got 2 more points on this thread lol
  9. fair enough although i've been a member for a while only started posting last couple of days and i watch my rep go down i didn't understand how to fix it cheers
  10. it seems i've picked up 2 negatives for posting a reply in the wrong thread a mistake granted but 2 negatives harsh
  11. Hope you guys can help have any of you got a picture of an ak with this front end it a AK 11inch LaRue Tactical Handguard Rail w/ Barrel Set . i've search the usual places and although i can buy one i can find one on an ak http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/action-11inch-larue-tactical-handguard-rail-w-barrel-set-type-b-for-ak-aeg.html cheers
  12. so how can retact/apologies for a post thats cause offence without knowing which post it is . does the reputation fade over time like points on your licence ?
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