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  1. Seems to have a faulty website, anyone know whats up with that?
  2. Roecar, how many NATO were using blanks, just seemed like two, we had a ton on RUSFOR.
  3. Sigma and I were there together... I don't have fancy pro looking shots though!
  4. lol I just did the same thing..... I won't post my real name here but this is me...
  5. I went to MSW Road to Rostov over the weekend, here are some choice pics. Here is Rota 1-2 and a few other guys back at our PB, we were in the innermost bit, we had a picketline with fox holes much further out got greg wong Patroling some of the fortifications Night raids not my image, but this was our last big firefight to take Rostov-on-Don
  6. Not the best image, but its a good and proper C8/L119SFW, G&P C8 Based with proper trades, SFW barrel, SFW gasblock.
  7. Not the greatest picture, but something I've been working on..... Portugese swallo tail cap Chicom with Pattern 68 GP pouches stitched on Fireforce jumpsuit Palladium Pampa Highs (not pictured) ARES L1a1 (need one more mag, and some tuning)
  8. Finally got my Mag58 working again, this is my and my buddies mid 1970s 22 SAS kit. here is my kitlist, can tell the others if requested Inokatsu Mag58 Canvas cargo strap converted to roll pin belt Pattern 58 (pat58) kidney pouches drop looped and hanging on my left and right side to hold "link" (BBs and batteries) Pat58 Machete sheath with Martindane Golok #2 Pat58 Canteen pouch drop looped on my rear left side Pat58 canteen pouch with US canteen (want the metal P44 one) Tokai Type 9 walkie talkie dated 1967 Pat 44 altimeter pouch on my front left pat44 suspenders and bracers
  9. looks like a half arsed version of the old Niemoller rigs SADF used for a very short period of time... not a fan of them myself....
  10. Oh I had a flask with some fun stuff on me, I was holding the bottle for the GI who snapped the photo. Thanks for the comments guys, I had been working on the kit for a while and had to throw everything together last minute when I found out I would be free for the game.
  11. surprisingly that was vermont. We had this 80 year old salty Marine who fought in VN, said he walked into the woods to take care of business and the hair stood up on the back of his neck "if it had been 10degrees hotter I would have sworn we were in Vietnam." He also talked a lot with us about tactics, techniques, what living in field is like, how to cover tracks, how to track ect ect. Was really interesting to get a first hand prospective. Was a good game but lacking numbers. Me and some buddies had to swap sides after dinner the second night and raided the US FOB from about moon set (220
  12. Went to a 48hr Vietnam themed game in my SASR kit. I've got on ERDL uniform palladium boots skrim net neckerchief camoflage bandage as a bandana M56 harness modded for roll pin belt and 40mm grenade pouches M56 universal ammo pouches converted to drop loop pouches m56 canteen pouches P58 kidney pouch lopped in half and converted to drop loop cut down KA M79 as a sidearm Ino M60 "razorback" as primary CA M16a1 as backup
  13. who makes those BB bottle thingamajigs, I would love one...
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