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  1. The height over bore is higher, but the sight plane in relation to the 12 o'clock rail is the same.
  2. The SCAR lower has a different curvature than an AR above the rear of the pistol grip meaning high back straps won't fit. Though five minutes with a dremel can easily fix that.
  3. I thought that fad had died out by now...
  4. The WE SCAR bolt does not reciprocate the full length as on the real weapon, I'd say about 3/4 the distance at most.
  5. Tokyo Marui - The only Gen III replica that matches form and function of the real deal. I use mine for fun and for training as well.
  6. Affording one is only half the battle, finding it is usually much harder.
  7. Internal: Prometheus 363mm Barrel, Hard Piston, Piston Head, Aero Cylinder Head, Stainless Type C Hard Cylinder, Air Seal Nozzle, Bearing Spring Guide, Double Torque Hard Gear Set, Enhanced Anti-Reversal Latch and 6mm Bushings. LayLax Adjustable Length Outer Barrel. Echigoya Tourque-Up motor and Eagle6 M120 Spring. External: Insight Technology PEQ-15 ATPIAL, M3X and Dual Remote Switch. EOTech 553/ Elcan Specter DR 1-4x w/Docter Reflex II. Tango Down Stubby Grip and Rail Panels, Blue Force Gear Padded VCAS 2-Point Sling.
  8. Are the pistol grips on the SCAR the same as for the SOPMOD? I also found a replacement bolt catch, so hopefully I'll be back in operation soon.
  9. I wish, at least then I could understand how it broke. I noticed this crack today after installing a new Eagle6 spring and screwing the pistol grip back on - Had not even shot it yet... (There's another small fracture just in front of the grip on the lower receiver.)
  10. So is there any way to fix this? My mag release button is also broken, any way to get replacement parts without buying a whole new gun?
  11. Having problems installing the Prometheus Type A cylinder, seems about 1mm too long. Any ideas? My first time upgrading an AEG so might be doing something wrong.
  12. The Tango Down "Extended Modula Rail System" is actually a replacement for the entire bottom rail. The only points at which it is connected to the reciever are the barrel trunnion and front barrel removal screws. That means it is able to retain the SCAR's quick change capability. The Nitro rail looks to be an extension of the side rails, meaning in order to remove the barrel you would have to take off those as well (not an easy process) - But this is only airsoft so it shouldn't be an issue!
  13. New project gun: EOTech 553/Elcan Specter DR w/ Docter Insight ATPIAL, M3X, RMT Tango Down rail panels and grip
  14. I should be able to find out the difference for you, will be posting an in depth photo comparison soon... You could say I'm a bit SCAR obsessed.
  15. The real SCAR can not accept standard AR pistol grips without slight modification to the lower receiver grip tang - TM is just being true to the actual design.
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