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  1. Are the pistol grips on the SCAR the same as for the SOPMOD? I also found a replacement bolt catch, so hopefully I'll be back in operation soon.
  2. I wish, at least then I could understand how it broke. I noticed this crack today after installing a new Eagle6 spring and screwing the pistol grip back on - Had not even shot it yet... (There's another small fracture just in front of the grip on the lower receiver.)
  3. So is there any way to fix this? My mag release button is also broken, any way to get replacement parts without buying a whole new gun?
  4. Having problems installing the Prometheus Type A cylinder, seems about 1mm too long. Any ideas? My first time upgrading an AEG so might be doing something wrong.
  5. The Tango Down "Extended Modula Rail System" is actually a replacement for the entire bottom rail. The only points at which it is connected to the reciever are the barrel trunnion and front barrel removal screws. That means it is able to retain the SCAR's quick change capability. The Nitro rail looks to be an extension of the side rails, meaning in order to remove the barrel you would have to take off those as well (not an easy process) - But this is only airsoft so it shouldn't be an issue!
  6. I should be able to find out the difference for you, will be posting an in depth photo comparison soon... You could say I'm a bit SCAR obsessed.
  7. The real SCAR can not accept standard AR pistol grips without slight modification to the lower receiver grip tang - TM is just being true to the actual design.
  8. The SCAR-H receiver is about an inch longer than the L. The military is currently fielding a 5.56mm conversion kit for the Heavy, however the Mk16 receiver can not be upgraded to 7.62mm. This is one of the reasons SOCOM no longer needs the SCAR-L, when the Mk17 can shoot both calibers and everything in between.
  9. Kalmar

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    Dude nice gun, and that paintjob is just sick.. reminds me of some old 'micromachine' sets
  10. Kalmar

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    Mr. Ninja never disappoints... .. but this just hurts my eyes :X
  11. You're inbox is full! Teh oh noes!!112

  12. Kalmar

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    Some are the same (MAP, Med, Util..) Got a new MBTIR, triple M4 and four 45 pouches specifically for the plate carrier though. I converted the RRV back into a chest rig for a lightweight summer loadout.
  13. Kalmar

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    I'm right here, and I can see the "Flyye" tag behind the adjustment cords.
  14. Kalmar

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    Got a new EPC recently.. a lot more comfortable than the RRV when running fully loaded, my new favorite rig Eagle Plate Carrier Eagle MAP Eagle Admin Eagle Medical w/ IFAK Eagle Utility Eagle Triple M4 Eagle MBTIR w/ Motorola Secure Saber III (not shown) BFG SOC Sling CamelBack Hydrostorm Ceradyne ESAPI's Gerber LMFII ASEK (not shown)

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