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  1. My Lockwood Valley Paratroops look from this weekend's OP:
  2. I'm a pretty small guy(5'4"-5'5") and when I first tried the suspenders, they seemed to be very loose even when adjusted, but I played with the straps a bit and they're perfect on me. The only problem I find with my suspenders are the front straps are very long, but i just simply tuck them under the battle belt. Other than that, its a pretty damn good rig.
  3. Condor Battle Belt + Condor H-Harness
  4. My "Home Defence" loadout Raiding the Fridge: And yes, the flip-flops are part of the loadout
  5. :yikes: She's gotta be the hottest thing thats happened to airsoft since Grim's gf posing for his gear..... .....Or Punkypink.
  6. Does anyone know where I can get one of these: :rofl:
  7. Fire NL, those are butterfly closures
  8. http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...st&p=315648 ^^^ A thread I dug up before this one was made. Hope it clears up some things...
  9. Here's my fair share of medical supplies... Full Collection: In Game "IFAK": The "Big Daddy" Pack I carry everywhere: The so-called "IFAK" is just something I took from the Audi medical pack just before we returned it plus some other goodies I thought would be useful. Oh and tampons aren't just for girls anymore ^^^ This is the result of a massive nose bleed due to playing chicken in the pool. PS. Here's some pics of the "Big Daddy" pack being used after a game when a friend went down due to his knee failing(fluid build-up caused it to lock temperar
  10. Charm to have that perfect shot?
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