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  1. AGM M4 GBB - Waiting my flipup rear site to arrive and then need some money to order a CQB barrel
  2. Tercel 1911 after a few skirmishes and with a new cheap mans clip-draw (£8 in the UK sorted)
  3. A noticable difference... welllllll Put it this way, Im buying another RS within the next month, just for the fact that all my other guns, even my previos G&P MK18 feel like ###### compared to the RS, its got weight, quality, no wobbles (bar the stock, but even the real ones do, so I can live with that) and its built so well!
  4. RS T56-1 + DSLR + Photoshop = Will get better pictures when I have some time.
  5. My expanding 1911 collection, will get a better picture if/when it stops raining and the sun comes out to play 2 metal Army Detonics 2 black plastic Army Detonics 1 silver plastic Army Detonics 1 metal Army MEU 1 metal Tercel 1911a1
  6. You are my hero, have you weathered those ak's at all? or do they generally look THAT sexual?
  7. Well, your not the only man who loves a decent gun Ive got a few 1911 based projects coming up, might end up making a similar gun to yours sometime.
  8. WANT! That is one hell of a cool gun, I loved the way my 4.3 slide looked on my 1911 and with it all rounded off it looks AWESOME Absolutely love it! awesome work!
  9. Just placed another order, soon going to have a new MEU and 2x black metal detonics (army have just released them ) and a silver plastic detonics to go with my 2 black plastic detonics
  10. Hope that is of some help to you!
  11. I'd also like to know, always been a fan of revolvers but the 2 ive owned werent really skirmishable (tanaka snub nose (was slightly borked tho), KWC 6" python)
  12. Oh yeah, especially when its just a few small items and then you get bummed by customs
  13. Rockdog... I love you.......r guns Where do you buy all your 1911 custom parts from? really want to order some nice parts (beavertail, nice hammer, nice trigger etc) soon but no idea where to get them from!
  14. Ive just tested the pistol on a target across my room and it looks pretty accurate, what would a good range be to do a few tests at?
  15. Shoots REALLY nice, its easily comparable to a TM! It is a 100% TM clone, the mags are TM compatible, I bought 4x bell 720 mags, and theyre TM compatible aswell works flawlessly! plus the tercel/tm/bell 720 mags fit in the detonics aswell! I love the clipdraws, really good quality and work really well, also makes the gun look a bit nicer. Cheers for the compliments aswell Full frame 1911 unless tucked inside the trouser is relatively discreet, the detonics 1911 barely peeks past the belt lower! its completely epic! Now I just need to work out how to carry my ma
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