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  1. Got a link for that, or a quote from an email from VFC?
  2. I've done a test fire today at about 40 meters shooting 0,30's. It's not the most precise gun out there, but it's skirmishable. Full auto kept straight shots even on 8-9 bb bursts, and i felt minimal cooldown all through. This was done at about 20 degrees celsius. LE: The mag fits exactly 30 rounds, not 35.
  3. Does feel nice and solid though, so i can't complain. Clicks beautifully too.
  4. Some internal pictures i ended up taking: https://www.dropbox.com/gallery/4037018/1/416?h=f26e2b
  5. Taking requests later tonight for specific parts to photograph, if anyone's interested in the internals.
  6. Aaaaaand.. it's here! Sorry about the picture quality..
  7. After a long night that involved vodka and meandering with friends i ended up ordering and paying for the VFC. It'll arrive here next week since of course i payed for express shipping aswell. In retrospect... Not the worst drunk-purchase i made. So you'll have your pictures and reviews around Thursday/Friday. PS: Got it off Tokyomodel.com.hk if anyone's interested.
  8. From left to right going around the back: -Maxpedition Grimloks -ACM pistol mag pouch -Flyye Accesory Pouch -ACM MOLLE Pistol Holster -Taiwangun radio pouch -Taiwangun drop pouch -Flyye triple AK pouch -ACM pistol mag pouch
  9. My Medi-Glocks case: And at the bottom.. on which the Glocks lay: Free space must not be wasted!
  10. You are half-right. Different brands of BB's, even the best ones, have different diameters. I'm not talking about just the size/consistency/weight differential, but actual average/delta/median sizes. I remeber a post somewhere, i have no ideea on what forum, which mentioned that for 6.03/.04 barrels some brands were recommended (which avereged 5.98-5.99) and for 6.01 bb's other brands (that averaged 5.95-5.96). The more you close the gap, the more the chance of frequent jams, and loosing the 'cushioning efect'. Granting more feet per second, granted, but screwing up accuracy by just bursti
  11. needs a few miracles.

  12. Not that it helps, but same.. missing PM's. There were a few i was keeping around for info purposes, but guess i should have c/p'd them before the switch.
  13. You haven't hit the 'omg my mags leak gas like it was free' moment? Stock mag worked fine for me, spares were sucky. Both Japan here.
  14. I think it's just a mislabel.. the KWA Taiwan is the KSC Taiwan.
  15. http://www.tokyo-model.com.hk/ecshop/goods.php?id=6307 Any note on this?
  16. Thanks.. Info gathered.. awaiting paycheck.
  17. And what's under them.. since i had room.
  18. So far so good, questions answered. What's the take on the 50 round mags?
  19. Since 50 pages are a tad too much for me to stride through, might i rely on your expertise? I am aiming for the KWA Umarex one, since if i'm going full realism, i might as well go full trades aswell. Now questions.. 1) Are there any sizable differences between the KWA/KSC Taiwan one? (I know the KSC Japan is lower FPS and should have more QC, and higher price ofc..but in my experience.. i'd rather not, so that's why it's not in the running) 2) Any way to increase the recoil? (note i'm fresh-faced in the GBBR field) A decent list of upgrades and reliability fixes needed to do this? 3)
  20. Get exact measurements and we can help.
  21. Actually i think it's ok. >.>
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