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    I have had too many M4s too list in here without going over the limit, so I will just put up my current project, a G&P M4. Still a work in progress..

    =G&P M4A1 (Almost Done, Still In Progress)
    -Prometheus 6.03mm Tightbore (AK-47 Length)
    -Systema Hopup Unit + FF STRIKE Chamber
    -Prometheus Hopup Bucking/Systema Hopup Bucking
    -Systema Air Nozzle
    -Guarder Tappet Plate
    -Guarder Selector Plate
    -DED 380FPS Spring
    -Systema M16 Steel Accessories Set
    -King Arms 200mm OPS Silencer
    -King Arms LE Stock
    -PRI Flip Up Front Sight
    -G&P TA31F ACOG
    -2 Point Sling
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    New Jersey, USA. The mystical land that gives you the freedom of choosing your own FPS, as to enhance the milsim environment of airsoft.
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    Airsoft, Guitar, Airsoft, Computer Games, Airsoft, Football, Airsoft, Girls, Airsoft...
  1. tgrillo

    Toy Collection

    Guns of tgrillo and friends!
  2. Arnie, I am using a yahoo email address, and I registered before this new ban on yahoo emails. Should I change my email address? I have been getting emails from this site fine (pm notices, subscriptions, etc) Cheers
  3. tgrillo

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    Nice pistol spencer
  4. tgrillo

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    My G&P M4, which happens to be on sale in the for sale section Not in pic: G&P Aimpoint, LE Stock, Bundle of TM Lowcaps

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