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  1. The color on the pic is a bit off. It's Krylon camouflage medium brown and Krylon camouflage green.
  2. My Ecgo1 EBR. Haven't had a chance to use it yet. Hoepfully this weekend I'll see what it can do.
  3. Something I was messing with.
  4. My IBH and thanks to bruce_m4 for the comms mounts
  5. Very cool pic LORD_SEX.
  6. I believe they're wearing SPEAR RBA not the FSBE.
  7. Better pic of one from the first page.
  8. Here's a pic of one being used.(in Training)
  9. Well.... I meant for the thread to be just Army but didn't want to limit it to just SF. So.... it got the SF & SOF title. I should've named it "Cool US Army Pics" So..... Who gonna start the "AF SOF - TACP, PJ, EOD" mega thread? I got pics to put in it
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