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  1. How is the glock after some use, and skirmished with
  2. ok tested the gun again, it's getting colder now: gun shoots the 0.25gbb about 15meters straight and an 0.20g bb 20 meters.. using abbey predator ultra gas at 5°C
  3. i'm gonna try to get a second hand TM SIG p226, so I can swap the handles, but the kjw trades don't bother me that much...
  4. just got me the kjw p226(no trades) and just one thing--> WOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW: - amazing feeling. good weight thanks to full metal costruction(no potmetal) about 1030grams(1.13kg) - really nice finish, no seamlines like the tm p226(abs). - magazine(25bb's) doesn't leak,I can get about 42 shots out of one fill with gas - working decocker without spilling gas - good power about 300-320 fps with predator ultra and 350ishfps with green gas(yes it takes green without problems,even the manual shows a canister of green gas): was tested with the poormans chrono coca-col
  5. can you hit a mansize target at 30meters(about 30 yards)? where do you guys get the guarder nozzle? is it easy to strip the kjwa p226 for cleaning? gracias, Mike
  6. tm it's gonna be then, unless someone can prove otherwise...
  7. what to buy--> KWA/KSC G19 or the TM Glock 17 which one performs the best?
  8. perhaps a comparison between ksc glock 19 vs the TMglock 17 and question--> Is there a hole for a lanyard?
  9. let us know how it's performing--> range, accuracy, power(perhaps a soda can test) and your toughts on quality.
  10. Is this safety made from metal? or just a metal sliding part in a plastic insert?
  11. any new accuracy tests? fps chrono? perhaps a video?
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