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  1. They are too way off. Forget about machining. There is too much out off spec to allow it with out welding on material and machining material. I've tried, but didn't feel it was worth it. I did manage to modify WA slide stops to work with Marui. The safety is just too different to ever allow a real one. Really the only real part that can work with Marui is real sights if you machine the sight to work with the BBU. The grip safety has the actuator (the piece that moves the sear spring when the grip safety is used) on the opposite side from the real steal. Plus it's thumb safety hole is in a different place than the real one.
  2. Gunnman

    1911 Picture Thread

    Caspian originally made them to compete with STI/SV in th 90's. Like BigAl said, they are considered and called "somebody" I want an EMG just for it.
  3. Gunnman

    1911 Picture Thread

    I got sick and tired waiting for a decent replica of the MGS3 1911, I plan on building it myself. This is the bare bones mock up using the naked prime frame and slide. It's a WA R-type with a hybrid marui hop up and custom NPAS. But the gun is pretty much not even close to being done, so we'll see how everything turns out Custom 3d printed MSH, one in PLA other in titanium. Custom silencer
  4. That's what, I think. The problem with WA was the US patents they took out on the R-Type and SCW systems probably made it harder to get away with trademark infringement. Those patents have since been up since 2012
  5. Gunnman

    Volante BBU in an Aluminum Slide on Green Gas?

    Nooo! It's just something to look out for if you have problems with excessive jamming. I would just buy the BBU, assemble it, and shoot it about 250 rounds and go from there before taking a file or dremel to anything or removing any material.
  6. Gunnman

    Vorsk GBBs. Worth the hassle?

    Yeah, OEM is Army.
  7. Gunnman

    Vorsk GBBs. Worth the hassle?

    So, they replicated the Silverballer and Blackballer? Cool as *fruitcage*. Even if it's made of cheese, I am going to pick one up ASAP
  8. Gunnman

    Volante BBU in an Aluminum Slide on Green Gas?

    Depends. I have a lot of problems with aftermarket chambers and aftermarket slides. Jamming, marring of lugs in the slide. Maybe I just naturally pick the wrong parts to combine lol.
  9. Gunnman

    Volante BBU in an Aluminum Slide on Green Gas?

    Yeah, if you wanted a rod-less setup. You can use a WA spring buffer guide for use with green gas Ironically, the spring buffer is rated for Co2 with an aluminum slide for the WA guide. It's like WA knew people would buy aftermarket metal slides lol Also, a sorbo pad, a lock washer with the diamter of guide, and a washer over both acts as a decent buffer. Not the best setup but works
  10. Gunnman

    Tokyo Marui 2020 Online Festival

    Well, they never cared about anyone but the Japanese Market. That was true 30 years ago, true even till today.
  11. Gunnman

    Volante BBU in an Aluminum Slide on Green Gas?

    Barrel lugs. Of course you can fit the lugs without completely deleting them. They tend to disfigured the inside of slide, and cause other damage depending on the make of the slide and make of the barrel/chamber with the increased force with the volante. Using a stock plastic barrel is fine, but the lugs snap the barrel or shatter, so the same goes with that. You can also add a spring between the outer and inner barrel to aid in function too. Any SD and Nova slide for any gun can withstand the force from the Volante. They are 6065-T6 aluminum for the SD, 7075 for the Nova. To compare, KWC uses the cheapest cast zinc to make their heavy blowback C02 1911's. Putting a buffer will benefit you from wearing out the back of the slide's dust cover and frame, though. Which is what you should be thinking a little more about. Oh yeah, becareful of the slide stop too. They bend with force with stock cast and aluminum slide stops.
  12. Gunnman

    Volante BBU in an Aluminum Slide on Green Gas?

    I think it should be fine as long as you use a lug-less barrel, or delete the lugs on your metal barrel. There are buffer systems out there too. But I use a Volante in my ProG4 aluminum slide. It's fine
  13. Gunnman

    H&K Picture Thread

    Your best bet would be the TLR3/4 with this adaptor. https://lapolicegear.com/st-69225-tlr-usp-adpt.html The BLAST is a good option for an old fashion LAM, if you can find one. But the TLR is your best option for a modern day light with a genuine mount
  14. Gunnman

    H&K Picture Thread

    Yeah, I forget the flight restrictions on Lasers outside of the US. Really, the US is the only place to find a BLAST 1 or 2, forget about ever getting an IR unit. They were never popular once MIL-STD-1913 was standardized. Although they made mounts for a MIL-STD-1913 rail, by then even the smaller, lighter and easier-to-use BLAST 2 was far too obsolete compared to Surefire and Streamlight offering.
  15. Gunnman

    H&K Picture Thread

    Depends. You can find them in working condition between $100 to $190 on ebay every once and a while. I bought mine from a seller who wasn't into guns and didn't know what it was, but had this unit and was selling it for $80 on Ebay. It's not like the LAM's for the MK23 that cost thousands, are extreamly rare and boarder on useless. IR versions are expensive, though. I've skirmished with mine, when I did skirmish lol They really are a solid unit that will probably outlast my KSC lol. But yeah, there are not much in terms of a solid laser-light other than the UTL. Which is trash, imo.

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