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  1. Gunnman

    GBB psg1

    $780 seem really fair to me. That's close to what the TM cost (with inflation) when it came out new in the 90's.
  2. Used Birchwood Casey Aluminum black, and produced a beautiful polished blued look. Going further and stripping the anodized using lye, but probably going to blast the slide and frame. Then I'll blue the flats of the frame and slide.
  3. Gunnman

    GBB psg1

    It'll be really good, but few will be made. Just watch.
  4. some updates, flat top slide and lowered ejection port finished. Undercut in the frame finished. Pictures:
  5. Done. Is it perfect? No. I did it with a broken vice and hand files. It's straight and not going anywhere. That counts for something.
  6. Yeah, a mill is on my list for "home renovations".
  7. After awhile, the older you get, the more you just say "*fruitcage* it, I'll do it myself".
  8. I love his work, but I think he is concerned about cutting up expensive or rare guns without insurance. If something goes wrong, $150 goes out the window.
  9. In my country, you need money to breathe, and friends reciprocate by ghosting you. In all fairness, I reached out to an old timer, my friend (who is in Arizona) recommended. It's a dead simple job, I just want it done right.
  10. I wonder if my girlfriend will yell at me for buying for buying 6 or 7 of these?
  11. Sadly, most gunsmith would turn me away because it's airsoft. Machine shops too because it's a one-off. Used to have a guy at a local shop help me with this stuff but it closed a few years back and he moved to Arizona.
  12. I feel like I am not going to get much. But I am looking for someone who could help with a mill. I have an enigma S70 slide and I wanted to mill Heinie Classic sights on them. I have blueprints and the dovetail is .300"×65° which I would buy a cutter for. Blueprints attached. I hate to do all this by hand.
  13. They are too way off. Forget about machining. There is too much out off spec to allow it with out welding on material and machining material. I've tried, but didn't feel it was worth it. I did manage to modify WA slide stops to work with Marui. The safety is just too different to ever allow a real one. Really the only real part that can work with Marui is real sights if you machine the sight to work with the BBU. The grip safety has the actuator (the piece that moves the sear spring when the grip safety is used) on the opposite side from the real steal. Plus it's thumb safety hole is
  14. Caspian originally made them to compete with STI/SV in th 90's. Like BigAl said, they are considered and called "somebody" I want an EMG just for it.
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