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  1. Wow, blast from the past. Takes me back to Trader Airsoft. Nice to know you still build, though.
  2. One-off Cobra (1986) 9mm conversion kit based on a Aluminum Nova NM Gold Cup. All anvil external steel parts including a Anvil 9mm Chamber with a WA Cobra 9mm "Bell type" Outer barrel made to fit the Marui Chamber. Cerakote done by OCT Stragegic, which is nice. Picked this up from Japan for less than the Nova Gold Kit cost itself because the man who commissioned the build was moving to Denmark and needed to sell it quickly because it's impossible to import from Japan. Still need to clean the paint up a bit more.
  3. You got me! I will admit that I spoke out my *albatross*.
  4. I spoke a lot of *suitcase* earlier, so Marui man decided to spite me and whipped up a Saiga blowback shotgun in the last few months to show me not to talk bad about them! In all seriousness, the video shows 3 shot Saiga gas blowback shotgun at around the 4:30 minute mark.
  5. I really think my complaint is they overall don't make anything that interesting (for myself, maybe some other people agree. I understand if they don't) other than every once and awhile. That's all. I also made a point that they repackage a lot of their guns to fill the yearly releases (like Hi-capa's, Glocks, 416), they do. They make whatever gun the market likes, and take little risks here and there. My sarcasm and frustration isn't directed at you and I respect that people have different tastes, and my tastes don't lead with the overall market. That's fine, I am attacking literally no one.
  6. And? They also repackage the same guns for 10 or 15 years. Sorry if an update for the MP5 24 years later doesn't impress me. I understand the economics of why they do it, and I am sure it will be a good gun. Trust me, they don't don't need you to defend their honor.
  7. Called that, didn't I? Next year they will unveal their umpteenth Hi-Capa and everyone will go wild. Can't wait, I love variety.
  8. Glock 19 and a MP5? Yay, maybe they'll do an M4 too. I love unique weapons.
  9. That looks like a July_Pi custom.
  10. This looks prime for an aftermarket if they go into larger production.
  11. Those are really cool. Little known fact is UHC made them, and then they were sent to MGC in Japan. They were never as popular compared to the S&W 645 series, ironically compared to real life. UHC produced the most amount of guns for Japan, compared to any other non-Japanese company. From the TK VP70, Marukoshi Super-9, and most of the spring guns for Maruzen/Crossman and Tokyo Marui Spring pistol line up. An interesting company that most people thought just made junk, we're outsourced to make a lot of guns in the old days for big players in airsoft.
  12. Thank you, at least they replied quickly, which is always a good sign.
  13. I worry this going the way of what happened with Zeta Labs, ten years ago. I wouldn't give money to pre-order just yet.
  14. Gunnman

    GBB psg1

    $780 seem really fair to me. That's close to what the TM cost (with inflation) when it came out new in the 90's.
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