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  1. It looks like the KWC frame is a metal version of their plastic frame they made for their National Match GBB 1911 line, they sold 15 years or so back. Which was also a WA and Marui clone in some respect. I do remember their M92 and Mini Uzi (I think they still make the Mini Uzi). Actually, This would be ideal. I used the KJW hop up and blowback unit to great effect in my Zeke Colt Commander: It's a far better system than the KWC, I think. The KJ unit does require you to mod a Marui Hi-capa or 1911 barrel to fit the slide, but not much more. Can't find too many of those anymore, though
  2. It looks like KWC used the Western Arms 1911 as a base for it's externals and the Marui as the base for it's internals. The slide stop and MSH are a sure fit in my WA pistol, and works. Like I said, the outer and inner barrel does fit the WA 1911, however, the nozzle on the WA is too short to make a seal in the bucking. Things like the grip safety, safety, slide and BBU from the KWC is made to WA specs, but won't work because of the hybrid design using Marui as a base. At least, For any of you WA enthusiast (I know there are a few still lurking around), it's a way to get metal frames for the WA 1911 to go with metal slides. If you are a pretty savvy tech, that is. Sheriff and Zeke are going for more than hundreds of pounds now, and are very rare. Prime and EDGE have become unicorns. Just food for thought.
  3. Much to my surprise, KWC copied Western Arms in many places when they made their 1911. The KWC metal frame is so similar to the Western Arm 1911 that with little modification I was able to fit the WA 1911 chassis in it. I fits much like the old Sheriff and Zeke frames from the late 90's. It's not with out it's flaws. There is no pin hole for the sear pin and the hole for the safety is too small. The MSH and grip safety from the WA does require a some modification to fit to the KWC frame. Nothing major though that would make it too hard to convert a frame from the KWC to a Western Arms. In other words, KWC is a Western Arms and Marui 1911 hybrid clone. KWC-to-WA conversion: The Hop Up unit from the KWC is also very similar to the WA hop up unit, but the seal on the nozzle from the WA is much more loose. I was able to convert it over by plastic welding more material on the WA nozzle. But I still have not tested the Unit in a WA pistol. Unfortunately, you'll need to use a KWC outer barrel (which does fit in a WA slide) because no other 1911 outer barrel/chamber fits the KWC hop up chamber. Evike has released their Angel Custom NEO Chamber for the KWC, which uses VSR hop up and barrel combo. Might pick up that unit for testing in my Western Arms, regardless of the Angel Custom reputation. Could you imagine a WA pistol with VSR bucking and barrel? The stock KWC uses a proprietary hop up bucking and barrel which is also a Marui and Western arms hybrid. Slide from the KWC is completely proprietary, and will not fit any WA blowback unit. You might be able to fit a metal slide from the KWC on the WA, but I am not sure at the moment. More in the future.
  4. Gunnman

    Cybergun Airsoft Catalog (2004) Scans

    I had this catalog from my KWC Desert eagle. Hammer blew apart on C02 lol. God, I miss those days. I could pick up a full metal WA used pistol for less than $200 in any variations. Now I have to wait for Nova or someone to release a kit to make it look right because Marui has little differences from each 1911 models to model, and buying the correct aftermarket parts are very expensive.
  5. Gunnman

    WE G17 Gen5 F-type

    Why is it fine in any other thread? Lol I understand hijacking is frowned upon. But, WE has listened to us before. If they see it within their profit margin, they will do it.
  6. Gunnman

    WE G17 Gen5 F-type

    Maybe they will get to making an AEG M4 with a V2 gearbox. Can't seem to find them in stock anywhere.
  7. Gunnman

    WE G17 Gen5 F-type

    The Marushin was more fun than the real thing. 8mm at 370 FPS. A true airsoft magnum
  8. Gunnman

    Northeast Mini and full sized Uzi GBB

    I remember the PM9 kit for the KSC MAC11. It was HW plastic and was 900 USD! They also made a Jatimatic using KSC MAC11, which was cooler.
  9. Gunnman

    WE's jet-fire

    I ran a 950 with a SWD suppressor, most fun I had shooting a real steel pocket pistol. It wasn't mine though. I might replicate the old SWD suppressor for the WE 950.
  10. Gunnman

    WE's jet-fire

    Peas tend to be smaller than 6mm
  11. Gunnman

    WE's jet-fire

    I love when WE makes unique stuff, then people are like "MEZZ WANTZ THIS, NOT THATZ" It's like watching a bunch of *fruitcage* 5 year olds have a tantrum in the toy aisle in Wallmart.
  12. Gunnman

    WE Hi Power MkIII

    I haven't heard any news. The site that said that it will have a July release no longer has that page.
  13. Gunnman

    Artistic Airsoft

    The 645 was made by MGC in 1989. It's an NBB. However, this was a custom gun by MGC Bondshop called the "Quick Action Combat" with the original safety replaced with a more 1911-ish thumb safety, trigger undercut, (witchita?) Bo-mar sight, 745 features. My own custom features are a custom high flow valve and a new 6.02 stainless barrel with a fixed r-hop. The gun came with no hop-up. The gun actually was only $80 shipped from Japan, but they are pretty hard to find.
  14. Gunnman

    Artistic Airsoft

    As artistic as my thumb, but where else to put it?

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