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  1. This looks prime for an aftermarket if they go into larger production.
  2. Those are really cool. Little known fact is UHC made them, and then they were sent to MGC in Japan. They were never as popular compared to the S&W 645 series, ironically compared to real life. UHC produced the most amount of guns for Japan, compared to any other non-Japanese company. From the TK VP70, Marukoshi Super-9, and most of the spring guns for Maruzen/Crossman and Tokyo Marui Spring pistol line up. An interesting company that most people thought just made junk, we're outsourced to make a lot of guns in the old days for big players in airsoft.
  3. Thank you, at least they replied quickly, which is always a good sign.
  4. I worry this going the way of what happened with Zeta Labs, ten years ago. I wouldn't give money to pre-order just yet.
  5. Gunnman

    GBB psg1

    $780 seem really fair to me. That's close to what the TM cost (with inflation) when it came out new in the 90's.
  6. Used Birchwood Casey Aluminum black, and produced a beautiful polished blued look. Going further and stripping the anodized using lye, but probably going to blast the slide and frame. Then I'll blue the flats of the frame and slide.
  7. Gunnman

    GBB psg1

    It'll be really good, but few will be made. Just watch.
  8. some updates, flat top slide and lowered ejection port finished. Undercut in the frame finished. Pictures:
  9. Done. Is it perfect? No. I did it with a broken vice and hand files. It's straight and not going anywhere. That counts for something.
  10. Yeah, a mill is on my list for "home renovations".
  11. After awhile, the older you get, the more you just say "*fruitcage* it, I'll do it myself".
  12. I love his work, but I think he is concerned about cutting up expensive or rare guns without insurance. If something goes wrong, $150 goes out the window.
  13. In my country, you need money to breathe, and friends reciprocate by ghosting you. In all fairness, I reached out to an old timer, my friend (who is in Arizona) recommended. It's a dead simple job, I just want it done right.
  14. I wonder if my girlfriend will yell at me for buying for buying 6 or 7 of these?
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