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  1. Sorry for the double post but here is the before and after of the frame. Started out as a PGC body and the marking were machined off and new markings were engraved. Then I removed the casted checkering on the frame, undercut the trigger guard and blended the undercut. I also moved the front strap lines up by hand with a file to allow you to get a higher grip. Re-checkered it by hand too.
  2. More updates. Recheckered the frame front strap to 25LPI and trigger guard to 40LPI. Finished the slide serrations as well as added some to the rail of the frame to match it. Fitted an Anvil Ed Brown steel beavertail. Next update will be the install of a custom Kart outer barrel and bushing I have coming from Japan.
  3. I use a hosting site. Though, no clue as to why Arnie's can't use larger files. 2006 is long over
  4. Gunnman

    $1K club.

    Asahi WA2000 DX in mint condition and 3 Mags. Also, a real WA2000-spec accurate Schmidt & Bender 56mm scope. I plan to have a mount replicated like the real one for use of the scope similar to the mount in the picture
  5. Now I am working with a new frame SCW3 type from Prime. I have a custom hammer and trigger set custom made by Ninjya from Japan that is custom made for my frame. As you can see, I checkered the trigger guard and plan to do the strap next This is the hammer set with a unique valve knocker that never recesses until the hammer is pushed back, making the power levels go up in crazy numbers. Sadly you can't drop the hammer unless the mag is out or there is no gas. The hammer, valve knocker, and disconnector set one-off for the frame.
  6. I think I am going to take a crack at the MK22. MGC M459 as a base and stock, locking mechanism and barrel custom made in Japan. I was not impressed by the Show Gun MK22. I wouldn't recommend it for that price.
  7. 40 Lpi serrations on the back of the slide. I'll need to clean it up but looks good image uploader The beautiful detail in the flat top Also, the EDGE slide wasn't exactly square. Causing the ball cut to point down. I re-angled the ball cut carefully with a 400 grit porcelain stone and blended it. Gonna have to sandblast again Before After
  8. He tried to serrate the top of the slide, but his cutter was cutting too deep. We decided on going with a subtle chain pattern inspired by the Kimber Raptor. I think it's very elegant and nice to look at. Not sure if it's too practical, though.
  9. EDGE/WA S70 1911, having the slide milled and sights installed by a friend.
  10. Gunnman


    Mauser K98 eyepiece is actually the same eyepiece used for the Schmidt & Bender sight on the WA2000. Some more detail fixes, some setbacks. I got in contact with a Best Gun employee through a Taiwanese contact and found out that 80 aluminum guns were built, 20 full steel (Ironic, as the WA2000 is mostly made from aluminum). One of one (mine) sent to the North America. A few to Japan, but mostly a domestic bought gun. Originally a GBB was going to developed using an escort-like system but became way too expensive in the long run to make.
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