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  1. Gunnman


    Mauser K98 eyepiece is actually the same eyepiece used for the Schmidt & Bender sight on the WA2000. Some more detail fixes, some setbacks. I got in contact with a Best Gun employee through a Taiwanese contact and found out that 80 aluminum guns were built, 20 full steel (Ironic, as the WA2000 is mostly made from aluminum). One of one (mine) sent to the North America. A few to Japan, but mostly a domestic bought gun. Originally a GBB was going to developed using an escort-like system but became way too expensive in the long run to make.
  2. This is a great project. I really love the attention to detail compared to the real LaFrance.
  3. Gunnman


    My friend has really come through with the trademarks, now off to be anodized.
  4. Gunnman


    I had the rear plates remade to be more accurate the the real gun
  5. Gunnman


    It's good. Lots of little details like the bolt stop and the barrel removal lug is functional. BG used a Tanaka inner barrel and proprietary hop up rubber. The machining is great but the gun is way smaller than the Ares or even Asahi in length. The performance is awful though. HPA has come a long way and some people offered to help me with it. I plan to rework it to look more accurately to the RS, which is easier than the Ares.
  6. Gunnman


    Slowly restoring and fixing details on my Best Gun WA2000. Bought it in 2010 and was never that great of a performer. Working with some members, and might do a HPA conversion down the road.
  7. Yes, although you would need to ask July_Pi as he needs to put a order in with the shop for it.
  8. They are real steel spec with a proprietary inner chassis. If you put the slide on a TM spec frame, old or advanced frame, the dust cover of the frame will be way too short. The slides are cast and are often mated to the frame (usually poorly) from the factory.
  9. M1911a1 spec. Novak, Heinie or Bomar will require you to machine, or find someone to do that.
  10. Yes, I think the going rate for everything is USD 380 for a slide, frame, faux extractor, and chassis. You are going to want a slide, frame, chassis, and faux extractor. These guns can go from wonderfully made to some of the worst guns you can buy. The Inokatsu is Real Steel spec in many areas, and a slide will NOT fit other aftermarket frames. Inokatsu had tons of rejects, the "ideal" reject is cosmetic. July_Pi sent me the best example of the M1911A1, then he called a shop that has these "ideal" rejected slide blanks ordered from Inokatsu. The slide was then engraved by him and finished
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