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  1. Yes, although you would need to ask July_Pi as he needs to put a order in with the shop for it.
  2. They are real steel spec with a proprietary inner chassis. If you put the slide on a TM spec frame, old or advanced frame, the dust cover of the frame will be way too short. The slides are cast and are often mated to the frame (usually poorly) from the factory.
  3. M1911a1 spec. Novak, Heinie or Bomar will require you to machine, or find someone to do that.
  4. Yes, I think the going rate for everything is USD 380 for a slide, frame, faux extractor, and chassis. You are going to want a slide, frame, chassis, and faux extractor. These guns can go from wonderfully made to some of the worst guns you can buy. The Inokatsu is Real Steel spec in many areas, and a slide will NOT fit other aftermarket frames. Inokatsu had tons of rejects, the "ideal" reject is cosmetic. July_Pi sent me the best example of the M1911A1, then he called a shop that has these "ideal" rejected slide blanks ordered from Inokatsu. The slide was then engraved by him and finished
  5. The slide was a Inokatsu blank slide, the I had July_Pi from CustomGBB engrave trademarks. I picked a steel gun because it's easiest to get the high polish blued flats on it.
  6. You can see how I lapped the slide to the frame. I am not peening the slide with the hammer, there is just enough material to cause friction. I put small amounts of diamond paste on the inside of the slide and remove very small amounts of that material using the force of a dead-blow hammer Next is to adjust the barrel positioner with a file to get the outer barrel and barrel hood completely aligned with the lugs when the slide is at rest. Most Inokatsu slides sag in the rear of the slide, causing the slide to set itself ahead of the rear slide rails due to poor quality tolerances.
  7. Sorry for the awful pictures, but this is the start of my MGS Snake Eater 1911 based on the Inokatsu. The slide is custom made, with fictional NM 7267719 and semi-fictional MFR CAGE code on the right side. The inside of the slide has a barrel positioner like the guns from Swenson and Hoag did back in the '60s and '70s. This is probably going to be the tightest Inokatsu I know. The slide needed to be lapped before with diamond paste before I could get it to function.
  8. They do sell them wholesale to be exported. But it's naive to assume that they don't know what is going on. It's logistically easier for them to allow multiple companies to do that, than waste the resources doing it themselves. Truth is, the mark-up on a guns bought wholesale and exported to the rest of the world would be far greater for the rest of the world, if there wasn't a business model behind it from Marui. We all know how wholesale works, but you have to figure in international shipping, different national taxes and other "red tape" to hurdle over for both the international b
  9. Yes, that is what I believe too. If they only cared about Japan, they would stop exporting their guns, similar to Western Arms did with their distributors. Even if Japan made up most of their sales, international sales still make up a market for them. I just think it's cheaper for them to focus on their main market, and just sell their stuff as Japanese-regulated guns. If people outside of Japan are going to buy them as they are, no point in changing them based on that market. It seems like it's more of a "We do what we want when we want" with them
  10. Yes, which is why the demand for foreign airsoft guns outweighs domestic in Japan. The Marui MP5 was released in 1992. By 1996 they had 7 different models out, plus many other releases. But in 1992, an AEG was a rather new idea, and Marui was filling a gap that classic gun manufacturers left after they went out of business. Now the gap is filled by other foreign manufactures at competitive prices (although, just about everywhere else in the world pays less than Japan) and Marui has to be careful how they approach each release in a saturated market, while pleasing the average player a
  11. I am not reading all of this. I am sorry or congratulations! By the way, I think you posted in the wrong section. Not sure.
  12. Wow, blast from the past. Takes me back to Trader Airsoft. Nice to know you still build, though.
  13. One-off Cobra (1986) 9mm conversion kit based on a Aluminum Nova NM Gold Cup. All anvil external steel parts including a Anvil 9mm Chamber with a WA Cobra 9mm "Bell type" Outer barrel made to fit the Marui Chamber. Cerakote done by OCT Stragegic, which is nice. Picked this up from Japan for less than the Nova Gold Kit cost itself because the man who commissioned the build was moving to Denmark and needed to sell it quickly because it's impossible to import from Japan. Still need to clean the paint up a bit more.
  14. You got me! I will admit that I spoke out my *albatross*.
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