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  1. Rob15

    kwa usp compact

    No, int eh UK KWA guns do have trades on the slides and the KSC and KWA USPc both have plastic slides
  2. Rob15

    kwa usp compact

    *waits for G_R to make a harsh comment about that attracting attention seeking little bastards*
  3. Rob15

    kwa usp compact

    Sorry, but ahhhh but thats pretty unlucky
  4. Rob15

    Star UMP

    Good good, getting more tempted by one now Oh, ok
  5. Rob15

    kwa usp compact

    Quoted for truth Not really Afaik no No, same materials, same internals afaik the only real difference is the trades
  6. Damm yeh, thats exactly what i wanted one of those befor www.bbguns.co.uk afaik they have them
  7. Rob15

    Star UMP

    WTF, why have you quoted someone else but puts my name in it
  8. Rob15

    Star UMP

    not really, but i would have expected it to take standard stick type batterys which 2 would they be
  9. Rob15

    Star UMP

    same, well i don't think i'll get one unless i hear any better reviews shame about the batterys too
  10. emotions suck more than a truck load of hoovers
  11. cool, i think i still have some lying around will have to order 2 sometime
  12. doesn't it use the kanako 5mm model gun caps thats what AD say anyway i plan to get a few of these, could be fun for garden wars
  13. actually, it looks a LOT better in realy life than it does in pics i told my mum i can never have too many guns, she said i could have a ICS M4A1 RIS once i've saved enough. Score donnie, any chance of a smaller pic im on dial up and it isn't loading properly
  14. am i the only one who is happy with not being a mod
  15. yeh, i spotted that right away im observant like that im after a few of those cans actually, in theory if i made a adaptor i could fill a empty one with green gas for field refills also to keep it on topic, i have all my guns in their boxes on 2 shelves in my office along with gas, bb's etc they will all be moved into a wardrobe soon when i clear all my sisters ###### out of her bedroom and take it over
  16. the small can of 134a maintainence gas on the top shelf that the £40 TM NBB's come with although im guessing other TM guns come with them
  17. true, i have a extinguisher under my desk that my mum brought me for obvious reasons im going to get 2 new ones though when i start stocking up on gas fair enough, i use mine for target shooting and getting a P99 with silencer for...well silent kills so would you like to know why i thought you had one
  18. ok, fair enough i just had a feeling he has one from somethign i spotted, but maybe he can confirm it for me *shoots v.arena with ICS MP5 SD6 and TM NBB*
  19. *breaks jaw on floor* R22, that is *fruitcage* Awesome i see you've been stocking up on gas, would hate to think what would happen if that caught fire though what TM NBB do you have have a guess how i can tell you have one
  20. he wasn't talking about guns
  21. well this is convinent, just when i want a SD3 as my avatar and now i have
  22. what pills, where can i get some of these pills ok, i wouldn't be botherd normaly lets take CRC for example, they are a massive online store, they ship *beep* loads of goods everyday, 2 months ago they updated there site and moved into a new warehouse their catalogue consitsts of 10,000's of different items which all had to be moved to the new site they managed to do this while providing the same fast service as usuall no problems at all so why can't as small online store do updates and continue to process orders i hope your not taking the ###### if you are,
  23. Airshooter.co.uk i finally have enough money to buy a ICS MP5 SD3, i come to order it off the only UK site that i can order it off and what do i find WTF, your a *fruitcage* online store, online stores sell stuff, if you arn't selling stuff you are no longer a online store what if the *fruitcage* point of you even being there if you arn't even going to be able to process orders for that period of time you *fruitcage* POS so now i have to wait for a while befor it will even come i would order of elite airsoft but my browser won't let me and they keep adding on commission char
  24. you tryed to click it as well
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