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  1. Rob15

    G&G GTP-9

    Can't vouch for this one although buying one is on the cards but I do have the G&G GPM92 and that really is an excellent GBB imo when it comes to build quality, fit, finish and the price for the set in the nice blow moulded hard case. Hopefully G&G expand the GBB range, I think something like a G&G P226 could be lovely especially if they did one for a similar price to the other pistols. Out of interest does anyone know what the diameter of the outer barrel on the GTP-9 is?
  2. When you wake up on a Monday morning and casually put a deposit on a manual lathe 😶 Waiting for the buyers remorse, hope it doesn't come.

    1. Misfit


      are you still 15

      you need to drink some more milk.

    2. Rob15


      Rob29 just doesn't have the same ring to it though 🤨

  3. The valves are the same as the normal WE pistol valves, but I doubt a DH mod would go well on the MP5 magazines, they are nowhere near as well designed or robust as GHK magazines are but I reckon they'd at least leak before blowing themselves apart.
  4. I'm not saying reviews on Youtube, or video reviews in general are a bad thing, just that they are now the prefered thing for many people compared to the good old written review, I don't think I'd be wrong in saying it's a simple fact the number of written reviews has declined and the number of video reviews has increased drastically, also well written is very different to well filmed and produced in my mind. Also as you say the review threads here in some cases have a vast amount of follow up information and updates, I'm sure Youtube comments have some too, but reading comments on Youtub
  5. I'm still around, as are a decent number of the old regulars. Facebook I reckon is the main culprit for killing off text based discussion, retailers and manufacturers, including myself have more or less exclusivly moved to Facebook and Instagram which in my view makes a lot of sense, far easier to have a single social media account than trying to manage sub forums on numerous different forums, even if forums regained popularity. Reviews seem to be heavily Youtube based now, I mean, who wants to do a well written review anymore with reasonable to excellent photos? Apart from those of
  6. Products designed and manufactured by Lees Precision Engineering (L.P.E.) in the United Kingdom - www.LeesPrecision.com
  7. Several is an understatement, I've banned more accounts in this last week than I've done in all the time upto it and I know other mods have banned a lot as well! Yes I spotted that and reported it to Arnie, forum mods can't do anything with the news page but it is possible to report anything odd on the news page using the 'Contact Us' link on the right hand navigation bar on the news page.
  8. I think you are, I recently got the V2/2011 Mini UZI and the internals are identical to the ones shown in photos on the Guarder website which have been there virtually since the 2011 version came out, said photos are on the following page which hasn't changed in years, http://www.intrudershop.com/show_product_eng.asp?idproduct=1758#top I'm still undecided on which version I like more, I've yet to really play around with the 2011 version and try to get the power down, I suspect that'll be the winner though since spare mags are still available and internally there does seem to be less li
  9. I'm in favour of keeping the current system but also in reducing the post count required for sales forum access, maybe even down to 25 posts. Look at it this way, when the forum was more active there were more opportunities for someone to join in a discussion and hit that 100 without spamming once, now it's quieter it's not quite so easy, even I find myself posting less, although that might have more to do with working 7 days a week at the moment I like the idea of posting a photo with some particular detail in it, but that requires members to report anything that breaks the forum rul
  10. Air might be free but the cost of an air compressor isn't, nor is the cost of the electricity to run it, the premises to house it, the staff to operate it or the insurance to cover damages just incase something goes wrong so I don't think it's unreasonble for somewhere to charge a small amount to fill a HPA bottle, if you get it for free you should be considering it a bonus and not the norm imo.
  11. Oh dear, might have just bought a CNC mill... Now I need to find space for it..

    1. Bando


      heh thats quite an impulse purchase


    2. Rob15


      Indeed, 2 weeks ago I wasn't even considering buying one, delivery alone is £350 + VAT :o

  12. Apparantly not VFC. If only we could ban everyone but GHK from designing gas magazines....
  13. Problem with that all steels aren't the same and I'm sure I've said it before but the magnet test that airsofters often use doesn't indicate a part is entirely made from steel, just that it might have some iron or steel content (or other magnetic metal), it's no great indicator of the quality of the metal or it's hardness. It's also worth remembering that not all steels are magnetic, I recently did a subcontract job where I had to use stainless steel bearings in an assembly and to make sure no plain steel bearings had got mixed in by the supplier I used a magnetic base to check them. I wou
  14. Did you ask if they'd definately ship a RIF to the UK before placing the order? Offering a two tone service doesn't mean they will still send a rif (I say still as they obviously have done in the past) to the UK, realistically a two tone gun is a less risky item to send with the only requirement for purchase being over 18, sending a rif is a risk because for all they know the UKARA number could be fake or expired and with PayPal they could easily lose the money and the goods, plus time of dealing with the order, infact ehobby list the United Kingdom as a 'High Risk' shipping destination these
  15. I can't, that's an admin job, not a moderator job so one for Arnie to look at. I suspect the amount of people who don't want any sales section access are a tiny minority though so it may well be simpler to set your post count to 0 or negative so you no longer see anything from those sections.
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