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  1. When you wake up on a Monday morning and casually put a deposit on a manual lathe 😶 Waiting for the buyers remorse, hope it doesn't come.

    1. Misfit


      are you still 15

      you need to drink some more milk.

    2. Rob15


      Rob29 just doesn't have the same ring to it though 🤨

  2. Rob15

    Is there ANY shotshow news?

    Especially in a country where the phrases 'school shooting' and 'high capacity magazines' are unfortunately frequently used together, they strike me as a product from a paintballer turned speedsofter with no awareness of all the years of the airsoft industry trying to keep a clean image. If ran a normal airsoft retail business I'd refuse to stock them unless they got rid of the big 'Murder Mags' lettering and renamed them to something a bit less inapproriate.
  3. Rob15

    Is there ANY shotshow news?

    Seems like speedsoft is taking over a bit in the US, which I don't have a issue with in general, but some aspects concern me like the move away from realistic looking kit to brightly coloured guns and gear, and then there's the 'Murder Mags' which seem to be appeared from that side of the airsoft business. I mean really, who thought calling an AR type magazine 'Murder Mags' was a good idea? 🤨 Great looking product named badly imo. Are normal gear and milsim events still going much as before over there?
  4. Bit of a shameless plug here but I've got a VFC FNX sitting in my office, and I also make restrictor discs for that very purpose for the VFC MP7 and they do fit into the loading nozzle perfectly. Obviously as I've only just tested the fit I don't know what kind of FPS reduction figures they'd give but it stands to reason they will reduce the fps without reducing recoil, I found consistancy was much the same as stock in the MP7 so I'd be suprised if the FNX is any different really. Link to said restrictor discs, https://www.leesprecision.com/gbb-internal-parts/cnc-machined-power-restrictor-discs-for-vfc-umarex-elite-force-mp7
  5. Rob15

    VFC MP7 AEG looks closer and closer

    The VFC GBB could have be considered a new system too, although GBB internals are far more forgiving when you're trying to shoehorn them into a new shell than gearboxes are, I'd certainly expect it to be a bit more expensive than a GBB (which was put into production in a former, probably cheaper time) but maybe not that much more, LWA do say pricing is to be confirmed so I'd guess that's what they expect the maximum price would be. To be fair time will tell whether it's worth what it actually ends up retailing for, if it's very robust and reliable then it may be worth the price and it's a given that the externals will be nice, if it's not reliable and there are issues around replacement parts then definately not, imo with most things you can't actually tell if something was a good buy until you've owned it for a decent amount of time.
  6. Rob15

    WE MP5k "Apache" - Initial Impressions.

    The valves are the same as the normal WE pistol valves, but I doubt a DH mod would go well on the MP5 magazines, they are nowhere near as well designed or robust as GHK magazines are but I reckon they'd at least leak before blowing themselves apart.
  7. Rob15

    Delta P Brevis III MP7 Suppressor

    If you don't have any luck with the helicoil try searching for 'v-coil', same thing just made by a different company. I know you can get M12x1 RH v-coils but LH may be a struggle, I was never able to find LH 14mm helicoils or v-coils which is why I ended up making a load of inserts last year.
  8. Rob15

    Delta P Brevis III MP7 Suppressor

    May be of interest, I was asked by a retailer to make them some M14x1 LH aluminium inserts to be used in 3D printed projects last year which were to be glued/pressed in and of course I made a load extra while my lathe was setup which I plan to put on sale soon. Not much use for the MP7s with M12 threads but for other projects maybe, speaking of which isn't the WE MP7 thread a 1mm pitch? I know that VFC, KSC/KWA and TM are all M12x1 in LH or RH.
  9. Rob15

    Youtube Channels worth sharing.

    New one I really like is LGR Not interested in gaming but the Oddware reviews and such as fascinating. Example
  10. Rob15

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    I'm not saying reviews on Youtube, or video reviews in general are a bad thing, just that they are now the prefered thing for many people compared to the good old written review, I don't think I'd be wrong in saying it's a simple fact the number of written reviews has declined and the number of video reviews has increased drastically, also well written is very different to well filmed and produced in my mind. Also as you say the review threads here in some cases have a vast amount of follow up information and updates, I'm sure Youtube comments have some too, but reading comments on Youtube is a risky affair, watching a train crash comes to mind sometimes. I think an ideal situation would be either review format as the OP then the traditional follow up questions and information on a forum, the only real downside to some of the bigger threads is they become a bit too big and that I think is where a specific subforum would come in for a common model or group of models and why Facebook owners groups have done so well.
  11. Rob15

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    I'm still around, as are a decent number of the old regulars. Facebook I reckon is the main culprit for killing off text based discussion, retailers and manufacturers, including myself have more or less exclusivly moved to Facebook and Instagram which in my view makes a lot of sense, far easier to have a single social media account than trying to manage sub forums on numerous different forums, even if forums regained popularity. Reviews seem to be heavily Youtube based now, I mean, who wants to do a well written review anymore with reasonable to excellent photos? Apart from those of us who hate cameras. Model specific owners groups on Facebook have been a big thing for some time now, they serve their purpose pretty well and from what I've seen the quality of the information has got a lot better than the early days when imo the ones I looked at were pretty dire. The problem with those is the insecurity of being at the mercy of Facebook is starting to bite and I've heard of lots of airsoft Facebook groups getting killed off lately, aside from saving people from registering for a separate forum I don't think those groups do anything more or anything better than having a model specific subforum on a traditional forum like here would do, in many respects I think they're worse and leave the airsoft community at the mercy of others. I probably sound a bit old now but forums served the airsoft community well for a long time, given the nature of airsoft and the anti-gun ideology of new social media I think it could serve it well again in the future.
  12. Rob15

    Lees Precision Engineering Products

    Products designed and manufactured by Lees Precision Engineering (L.P.E.) in the United Kingdom - www.LeesPrecision.com
  13. Rob15

    Tokyo Marui and Licensing

    How the hell did they manage to trademark a metric unit of measure in a metric country? I think that says far more about the legal system in France than it does Cybergun themselves.
  14. Rob15

    Youtube Channels worth sharing.

    Ian is fantastic, I'm not that interested in firearms in general despite liking airsoft but his channel presents them in a much more interesting and educational way than any others, I feel like I've only really scraped the surface of what he has available to watch. For machining related kind of stuff Wes Johnson is another good shout imo, production value isn't anything like This Old Tony but he has a much more realistic approach to projects than many others, particually when compared with the hobby ones where time seems to be of little importance, something at least I appreciate as someone running a small one man machine shop with limited time and resources. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2kEuLCRUrWAvHlupobn4aw/videos
  15. Rob15

    Youtube Channels worth sharing.

    Good shout on This Old Tony, one of my favourites for sure, pretty much the youtube standard for being educational and funny now. https://www.youtube.com/user/featony/videos Bigclive is another good one, mainly electronics stuff but lots of poops and giggles. https://www.youtube.com/user/bigclivedotcom/videos Jeff Quitney, lots of old archive video, so many infact there is bound to be a number of interest. https://www.youtube.com/user/webdev17/videos

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