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  1. Rob15

    Vorsk GBBs. Worth the hassle?

    Who is the OEM for Nuprol though? That's one thing I've not been able to work out, WE would seem the obvious option since they distributed 'WE Europe' pistols but I'm not entirely sure. The Nuprol Raven Glocks are pretty nice though, not the nicest but very good on a value for money basis.
  2. Rob15

    Rebuild TM PX4 with WE PX4 ?

    Not sure if you are aware but if you've got leaking magazines you can just get a rebuild kit (I offer them, shameless plug) and replace all the o-rings, replacing valves imo is a bit of a waste. Personally I'd never go out of my way to replace TM magazines with WE magazines, sure some of the WE mags are actually very nicely made, I'd say the XDM-40 mag is one of the nicest but none of them are quite up to TM standard in my opinion, WE also use a much thinner cross section o-ring for the base plate seal which I can't see having as long a lifespan. The two things WE mags have going for them are price and the standard M5 thread fill valve which is easy to source if you shear the head off, Madbull steel fill valves fit and they are what I would get as a first choice replacement. If you don't have any spare mags then it's a different matter but if it was me I'd still buy TM mags for a TM pistol.
  3. Rob15

    Broken injection valve, help!

    What brand is the G17 magazine?
  4. Rob15

    WE's jet-fire

    Well it's unlikely they'll go bankrupt, at least here in the UK only individuals can go bankrupt, businesses go insolvent, but yeah, that share price doesn't look good for them. It's worth pointing out that if they do go out of business all their assets will get sold, and that is likely to include any licences, there is nothing to say any buyer of them would be any better than Cybergun for us, I'd say 50/50 chance, I guess if someone like ASG bought any licences from them they'd probably switch to different manufacturers. On the UZI note, forget WE, why have KWC not made a full size UZI? They're already a chunk of the way there, I bet they could reuse the entire lower, mag and bolt assembly for a full size.
  5. Rob15

    G&G GTP-9

    Can't vouch for this one although buying one is on the cards but I do have the G&G GPM92 and that really is an excellent GBB imo when it comes to build quality, fit, finish and the price for the set in the nice blow moulded hard case. Hopefully G&G expand the GBB range, I think something like a G&G P226 could be lovely especially if they did one for a similar price to the other pistols. Out of interest does anyone know what the diameter of the outer barrel on the GTP-9 is?
  6. Rob15

    WE MP5k "Apache" - Initial Impressions.

    The valves are the same as the normal WE pistol valves, but I doubt a DH mod would go well on the MP5 magazines, they are nowhere near as well designed or robust as GHK magazines are but I reckon they'd at least leak before blowing themselves apart.
  7. Rob15

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    I'm not saying reviews on Youtube, or video reviews in general are a bad thing, just that they are now the prefered thing for many people compared to the good old written review, I don't think I'd be wrong in saying it's a simple fact the number of written reviews has declined and the number of video reviews has increased drastically, also well written is very different to well filmed and produced in my mind. Also as you say the review threads here in some cases have a vast amount of follow up information and updates, I'm sure Youtube comments have some too, but reading comments on Youtube is a risky affair, watching a train crash comes to mind sometimes. I think an ideal situation would be either review format as the OP then the traditional follow up questions and information on a forum, the only real downside to some of the bigger threads is they become a bit too big and that I think is where a specific subforum would come in for a common model or group of models and why Facebook owners groups have done so well.
  8. Rob15

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    I'm still around, as are a decent number of the old regulars. Facebook I reckon is the main culprit for killing off text based discussion, retailers and manufacturers, including myself have more or less exclusivly moved to Facebook and Instagram which in my view makes a lot of sense, far easier to have a single social media account than trying to manage sub forums on numerous different forums, even if forums regained popularity. Reviews seem to be heavily Youtube based now, I mean, who wants to do a well written review anymore with reasonable to excellent photos? Apart from those of us who hate cameras. Model specific owners groups on Facebook have been a big thing for some time now, they serve their purpose pretty well and from what I've seen the quality of the information has got a lot better than the early days when imo the ones I looked at were pretty dire. The problem with those is the insecurity of being at the mercy of Facebook is starting to bite and I've heard of lots of airsoft Facebook groups getting killed off lately, aside from saving people from registering for a separate forum I don't think those groups do anything more or anything better than having a model specific subforum on a traditional forum like here would do, in many respects I think they're worse and leave the airsoft community at the mercy of others. I probably sound a bit old now but forums served the airsoft community well for a long time, given the nature of airsoft and the anti-gun ideology of new social media I think it could serve it well again in the future.
  9. Rob15

    Lees Precision Engineering Products

    Products designed and manufactured by Lees Precision Engineering (L.P.E.) in the United Kingdom - www.LeesPrecision.com
  10. Rob15

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Case in point, Sunday, got up and had already lost an hour of the day so didn't end up going to machine any shiny stuff at my workshop and decided instead I'd go today after work at the boring day job as I was finishing early. Got up this morning, everything going fine until I get a text from my manager and realise every single clock has been changed or changed automatically except the one I use for my alarm. Start work an hour late, finish an hour later, no making shiny stuff today either. Screw you DLS! I'll still end up working the same amount of hours in the end, I'm just going to have to cram it into other days.
  11. Rob15

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Surely it can't be that hard to get them? Wera hex-plus imperial hex key sets are what I'd look for, I'd be amazed if no one stocks them domestically. https://www.befr.ebay.be/itm/WERA-PRO-9-Piece-IMPERIAL-AF-Stainless-Steel-Hex-Ball-End-Allen-Key-Set-022721/290362999568?hash=item439afbc310:g:w4cAAOxyZw5Ra~3J (UK seller I know) I hate poor quality hex bolts and hex keys, every problem I've ever had with them can be traced to one of three things, 1) Poor quality bolts 2) Poor quality or worn hex keys 3) Bolts that clearly are at the end of their lifespan and need replacing, not refitting At my own workshop where I have the option of buying the better quality bolts and allen keys (Wera hex-plus or Wiha all the way) I have 0 issues with hex bolts, at my part time day job I don't have that option and the above 3 problems often cause me grief. Torx really is the way for smaller bolts/screws though, and it's something even the imperial people understand.
  12. Rob15

    Next posted by R22Master

    Several is an understatement, I've banned more accounts in this last week than I've done in all the time upto it and I know other mods have banned a lot as well! Yes I spotted that and reported it to Arnie, forum mods can't do anything with the news page but it is possible to report anything odd on the news page using the 'Contact Us' link on the right hand navigation bar on the news page.
  13. Rob15

    The Umarex Mini Uzi is a new generation

    I think you are, I recently got the V2/2011 Mini UZI and the internals are identical to the ones shown in photos on the Guarder website which have been there virtually since the 2011 version came out, said photos are on the following page which hasn't changed in years, http://www.intrudershop.com/show_product_eng.asp?idproduct=1758#top I'm still undecided on which version I like more, I've yet to really play around with the 2011 version and try to get the power down, I suspect that'll be the winner though since spare mags are still available and internally there does seem to be less likely failure points.
  14. I'm in favour of keeping the current system but also in reducing the post count required for sales forum access, maybe even down to 25 posts. Look at it this way, when the forum was more active there were more opportunities for someone to join in a discussion and hit that 100 without spamming once, now it's quieter it's not quite so easy, even I find myself posting less, although that might have more to do with working 7 days a week at the moment I like the idea of posting a photo with some particular detail in it, but that requires members to report anything that breaks the forum rules and moderators to be able to react quickly, the 100 post count rule almost sorts itself out and doesn't require such fast action from us mods who seem to be rather busier these days anyway.
  15. Rob15

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Expected but at the same time a tad childish considering the turnout was considerably higher than for a general election and every vote actually counted, it wasn't a massivly convicing win for leave but the predictions were remain just scraping a win anyway and I'm sure they wouldn't have been bitter about that, in some respects for me it represents what is wrong with the EU, their view is the only veiw, everyone else is wrong and reform is a word they've never heard of. I'm also seeing a lot of posts on Facebook from remain voters saying things like 'I hear <insert country name> is nice" Except all those countries being mentioned (Canada, Australia etc) have points based visa systems that the leave campaign has been arguing for and on the whole the people who have said that don't actually have the qualifications those countries require to get in anyway.

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