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  1. And from what i have read on another thread, i think i speak for me, H_M, Crandall13 when i say PICS OF LIZZIES *albartroth* NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Covers nuts, and runs down the road the the WW2 concrete bunker with 1foot thick walls""Not getting me in here" Andif H_M gets lizzie, Crandall13 has elisha cuthbert that must mean i get katie holmes(google her now)
  2. Good job you dont know who i am And that was Lizzie in the photo for your avatar befor
  3. Good plan *points to Crandall13 and then runs*
  4. what do you mean a puss filled *albartroth*
  5. Very fit, eh *spots Samm666 and runs to the bunker*
  6. who is this Lizzie, she sounds as if she is fit
  7. same in my year, there is only 1 proper relationship going on and its been going for 1.5years And i am in the top year of school
  8. Yeh, because with your luck all of the girls will be either lesbians or taken Its probably going to be like that for me to
  9. Most off the girls at my school are, and you are right it isnt a status symbol
  10. Controvertial, no. I agree with you, i am 15 and have loads of friends who have girlfriends and they always try to the p**s out of me because i havnt, Only thing is I DON'T GIVE A FLYING F**K if i have a girlfriend a 15 or not. think of all the money i wouldn't be able to spend on my 2 bikes and all my guns if i had a girlfriend and none of them ever stay together long, 2 weeks at the most And when i told one person i didn't want to have children at all, he had a go at me and said i would't ever have sex then... The D**K, has he never heard of contraception *end of rant* And well
  11. I dont hate gigants, its just there not very pratical for skirmish use, i may get one once i have my skirmish kit sorted out and have the other few guns i want
  12. WOW, what a m93r, and the glocks nice as well, where can you get them from and how much are they
  13. That glock is nice i wouldn't mind one of those my self
  14. I have no problem with stick mags, the gun will fire 56+ shots from one fill of gas. anyway what is the problem with stick mags other than you have to carry gas around
  15. The TM hardballer NBB pistol is good, quite a bit of metal, for example the whole topslide is stainless steel, it has diecast hammer and trigger, looks good and has full AMT trademarks stamped, and i really mean properly stamped into the topslide and as a bonus it peforms very well for only £45 i will get a pic soon for you
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