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  1. Just got my new Dytac T-1 mount in the co-wittness hight. Unfortunately it's tilted to the side on my WE reciever, but it's easily fixed with a few layers of tape. It's wight adjustable and sits rock solid. You can also take down the locking system and turn the lever to make it face foward if you like. Overall a very nice piece, well made and the co-witness is a lot easier with the iron sights.
  2. I took it out shooting for the first time. I shot different drinking cans at about 10 yards, you know, fast target acquisition and it was kinda shooting all over the place. I shot the same "course" with my Glock19 and it did much better.
  3. yeah what the other guys said, it's a WE so that's just what you get. Be careful not to scratch off the paint with your fingernails I actually really like the looks of the 2 tone Novak, but the memories of my late MEU, quality- and performancewise, keept me from buying it.
  4. That's a very nice picture sir.
  5. Is it true that the newer WA Kimbers have fake markings? This in mine.
  6. lambolurker great work. I wish someone would finally come up with a spare URX frontset...
  7. Could you post a pic with the slide locked back some day please?
  8. I know no pics, but this is so frickin funny, especially the beginning. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsKULTT3k_0...feature=related
  9. Very nice. Is it even possible to srew up an M14?
  10. Yeah I'm still stoked by the heft and the feel of it. I think adding a metal kit is a complete waste of money, WA out of the box are just perfect. (well, almost I guess)
  11. Yeah that's just what I had in mind. That grip looks really cool.
  12. Usually I don't like plastic either, but I guess you never held a WA. The don't feel anything like a TM.
  13. The one and only Kimber Desert Warrior by Western Arms. This is my very first WA and that plastic is just amazing, it feels pretty real. btw Sam, where did you get that nice Kimber case?
  14. Here you are. There is also the part number on it I think.
  15. you can? Oh boy, that opened a can of worms right there. You see that brass looking lever in the last pic? That is the lever that locks/unlocks the firing pin. You can dryfire and cannot exectute a shot without racking the slide. By moving the slide the pushes down that lever and the firing pin jumps out to the rear. Great and neat safety feature. safe: ready:
  16. Western Arms are soo lovely..
  17. Railcover? Why not just taking the rails off?
  18. one of the best things in the airsoftworld, a metal kitted TM P226
  19. Is anyone able to design a production ready blueprint in auto-cad of an ambi-fireselector and a VLTOR style boltcarrier? I got a factory in china that can build anything and I'm also working for an upcoming onlineshop, so I'd be able to offer these on regular bases. If so, please PM me.
  20. A regular WE WETTI WHATEVER M4 at sniperairguns goes for about 450,- € happy belgium buying...
  21. yeah indeed it works!! Thank you so much bro!
  22. Interesting. What did you replace and how does it work? NO hard feelings. Great pistol!
  23. Therefore I'm using the IE for this one.. I can't click into the posting window after choosing "Add reply". No matter if I quote posts or not. Actually I tried starting this thread with the firefox and it didn't work. I have no problems with the "fast reply" though. Please help
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