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  1. shadownova

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    Here are my PANTAC MBSS Plate Carriers. Using a pillow is a pretty good idea! PANTAC Crye Multicam MBSS - MBITR Pouch - Small Medic Pouch - Double M4 Magazine x 2 - Admin Pouch - MAP - PANTAC Coyote Brown MBSS - MBITR Pouch - Khaki Small Medic Pouch - EI CB Double M4 Pouch x2 - EI Admin Pouch w/ Light Pouch - MAP The PACA in both pictures is a PANTAC replica with the foam inserts replaced with soft armor panels. Results in a very snug and comfortable wearing. These vests are not meant to replicate a precise look, although some inspiration is taken from the Force Recon community. I just wanted to have a very fitted, lightweight, barebones, and effective vest. There is only space for 4 magazines, although if I don't take a radio I put another magazine in the MBITR pouch for use as my initial magazine. These vests have matching belts that go with them, although the Multicam setup uses a BLS belt while the CB has the belt with padding. Both belts have (in their respective color): - .45 Magazine Pouch x 4 - Smoke Grenade Pouch - Dump Pouch - EI/Pantac Medic Pouch - SERPA .45 Holster I call these my quick vests.
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