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  1. Thanks Cow, I was hoping to stick with the WE system since it's what I've used in the past, but it looks like I'll have to go to the dark side for my next loadout =(
  2. I live on a US Military base so I have access to propane. My experience with the WE system hasnt been great, between mag leak issues, bolt not locking back and full auto not being a viable option. So you're telling me its better at this point? The question I forgot to ask is about a three round burst adaptor. I'd like to get it as close to my current service weapon (M16A4) as humanly possible, are there any decent burst kits for the WE out, or just the G and P?
  3. So it's been over a year since I've owned a WE M4. I'm looking to sell my GHK AK and re build my GBB M16 kit. Does anyone have information on how the WE M16 series has improved since the V3 release? Are there still magazing leaking issues? Is the WE still worth buying or are there better replicas now? It's also worth noting that I will be playing in Japan, so I need to keep it under 320 FPS.
  4. Sounds like you should take your gun back and get one that locks back when there are still BB's in the mag.
  5. Reading all of this makes me quite happy to have sold my WE M4. After going through a ver 1 and a ver 2 with constant, maddening issues I decided it just wasnt worth it. I'll pick up another M4 when someone comes out with an external air powered one.
  6. Bumping this for an important question! Has anyone checked the barrel on this? Does it come stock with a TB? I see people marvel at the accuracy but I see no mention of upgrades. That having been said, what kind of FPS boost will I get from throwing a tightbore in one? Ineed to keep it under 324 FPS due to japanese laws, but I would like to get it a bit higher than 290!
  7. Everyone has their issues with each different type of airsoft gun. The fact that WETTI is here to at least read and understand some of the issues and help out with questions is HUGE. Whether it SHOULD be done by everyone else or not is a moot point because WETTI IS THE ONLY ONE THAT DOES IT! Keep up the good work WETTI, I'll be picking up an MP5 from you when the time comes. Might I suggest working on a GBB P90 =P
  8. So does anyone know how the new NPAS bolt is going to work exactly?
  9. Wow, awesome! Where would I pick one of those up and whos making it? The NPAS will allow adjustable FPS via an allen screw I take it?
  10. That sounds very promising. If I werent moving to Japan I'd certainly be looking more into getting Co2 magazines. As it stands right now I cant for the life of me get it shooting under 320 FPS.
  11. Otto is right guys. I've owned FOUR Escort powered weapons over the past 5 years and all of them had the same three issues. Accuracy, bb's rolling out, and the hop sending them to the sky. Not to mention the constant reliability issues. It wasnt an issue with one, it was an issue with the entire system. I can vouch for the massive, massive advance the one part is for the system. I still preffer external gas, but I doubt that will ever happen on this system so I'll cross my fingers that the CO2 mags/gun will get rid of some of the venting and cooldown issues.
  12. I had 11, due to leaks I'm down to 8 now. Mags get heavy to carry, but I love reloading!
  13. The same thing happens to me all the damn time. As long as I dont let the hammer decock the entire day its fine. Otherwise, racking it HARD sometimes works too.
  14. I fixed and sold my V1, and snagged a V2 AFC from Airsoft Buddy. I've been running well ever since. It still vents excess gas on full auto, so I keep it on semi 99% of the time. www.youtube.com/wraithxt1 shows a bunch of the guncam vids I have of my M4. There are two different green gas mags. I bought some first gen ones when I got my first rifle. They have a slightly different finish and the valve is a bit differnt in shape.
  15. But dont velocity reducers cause MASSIVE accuracy issues and wear out quickly? If I'm mistaken let me know, because I'll be first in line to pick one up myself! On another note, has anyone actually tested to CO2 mags yet? Are the any better than the V2 magazines? Do you get any more/less gas out of each mag? Can you empty a mag on auto?
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