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  1. Thanks for the info anyway. I've e-mailed Point Act and if they do ship to UK then I'll compare prices. If they don't, it's WGC or one of the other HK retailers.
  2. Any chance you could PM me the wholesaler's web addy etc as I'm currently looking for a team AEG that I can downgrade for CQB and I don't want to spend more than I have to.
  3. It was brought to my attention by a purchaser that when he clicked on the 'buy now' button in the classifieds forum the paypal page listed the price in USD even though it was listed in the classifieds as GBP. Is this a glitch in the classifieds system or something to do with paypal? I've issued a paypal request to the buyer concerned for the correct amount as a temporary measure and just felt it should be brought to someones attention.
  4. In the near future I need to sell some of my kit to pay for upgrades to other items and, not having used the classifieds section before, tried to read the FAQ's so that I didn't make a mistake. When I clicked the link I got the following error message: Sorry, the link that brought you to this page seems to be out of date or broken. Could someone please fix it?
  5. Teflon mod completed - just waiting on a new can of green arriving to redo chrono tests. Accuracy testing may be a while until I manage to book 2 hours at the local sports centre main hall because I've already got permission from the manager to zero airsoft weapons there, it's just a question of getting a couple of uninterrupted hours shooting.
  6. First Impressions The box itself is a one-piece, plain black cardboard box with a black and white photo of the rifle on it. Upon opening the box, I found a moulded plastic box liner accomodating the following items; the rifle, magazine, pistol mag type speed loader, a bottle of 500 BBs (they appear to be .2 from weighing), instruction leaflet (unfortunately, for spring model) and tools for the rifle (1 hex key and barrel crown removal tool). The rifle itself is a clone of the VSR-10 Pro Sniper version. There are noticeable mould lines around the butt and stock but in spite of t
  7. As promised, pictures of my VSR after scimming up.
  8. My VSR10 before scrimming up as I'm still waiting for some burlap to arrive to complete the job. Also, apologies for the poor picture quality as my digital camera seems to be playing up. Will post pics once scrimming up is complete.
  9. It looks a bit like the Surefire M13 mount for large supressors. (see attached pic)
  10. Found this the other day - apparently it's a bit like MOLLE gear, you just add or change modules to create a mission specific weapon. Modules include: Integrated fire control system that uses a laser to determin range and calculates elevation required to reach target Day or Night sight Ergonomic forearm grip 1 shot 40mm grenade launcher 40mm/20mm Airburst grenade launcher Integrated laser pointer/tactical light Detachable 12 gauge shotgun Detachable Less-lethal launcher
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