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  1. Reminds me of "Bunny's" loadout in Platoon. "MAN, YOU SEE THAT HEAD COME APART LIKE THAT? NEVER SEEN BRAINS LIKE THAT!"
  2. "Jungle style" mags My newest AR build... its a real franken-carbine. No real effort was made for a super-specific AR-15, it just has elements of a late model AR-carbine, with the longer moderator, early-model A2 receiver (full fenced, brass and forward assist, and A1 style sights...), and A1 grip. Real steel AR carbine length hand guards... tight fit, probably going to have to throw a lipo in there, which is something I'm a little bummed about. Other than that, I'm pumped about it. I'll throw up a pic with all three of my AR's once the rest of the parts for my other two
  3. RS recoil spring = real sword spring or real steel? It seems unbelievable that a GBB would able to cycle fine with the high tension springs of a real glock... I gotta try that out for giggles.
  4. Great looking AK... specs on it?
  5. I agree... a quick and dirty modernization of a classic. Like it lots.
  6. Digin' it HARD agent hunk. What optic?? Steve
  7. Tbone, that is a very cool Aug. I really like your flashlight rail placement. Well done!
  8. They LOOOOVE 2011's on Heroes. I just started watching season 1 and aside from Nicky/Jessica's USPc and various hitmen weapons, the most prominently featured handguns in the show are all STI racing type guns. It has made me develop a taste for them... but I don't think I want to blow the dough on the gun I know I'd want to build... Steve
  9. Epyon, there are more then a few interesting one-offs in that photograph. Looks like you had a couple goes at the Kriss before your final work? Very sharp.
  10. Punky, is that one of those chinese 3-shooters? I have a dire feeling that will be my next purchase, probably the folding tactical you have there. How do you like it? Does the plastic construction detract from it in a big way? Steve
  11. Good review, sorry about the barrel and the car accident. I got tagged for speeding on the way home from a surplus store one day after finding some killer bargains. I know your pain.
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