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  1. One more of my Polarstar Micro Galil this time with a Gemtech G5 suppressor, TSI AR magazine adapter, and a RS Trilux scope and mount. I had someone offer me $400 for the Trilux mount alone, they're pretty rare apparently.
  2. My TSI Micro Galil. Has a ton of RS parts—gas block, hand guards, mag, grip, stock, top cover, mag catch, trigger guard. Working left side selector.
  3. My Galils: Top is an TNK Inokatsu AR (Daytona Gun gen 4) Middle is a TNK King Arms SAR (Daytona Gun gen 3) with real stock, mag, pistol grip, handguard and retainers, gas tube, tritium night sights, and has a working left side selector. Bottom is a polarstar TSI micro with a TSI mag adapter, real stock, gas block, hand guard, and various small parts, and working left side selector.
  4. I put Tony through one Galil conversion already, I couldn't do it to him again. Not totally thrilled with the P* but it's better than a gearbox.
  5. TSI Micro Galil with a P* engine.
  6. RS parts I've put on my M14s: USGI Birch stock, rear sight, selector lock. One note about the USGI stock, I had to use the WE stock liner, the action won't fit into the USGI liner so the RS Sage or Troy might not work without some serious modification.
  7. I did this with my M14 running HPA. With a stronger flute valve spring I was able to get 625FPS with .25s at 130 PSI and keep recoil manageable.
  8. Thanks. It works great. About 360fps with .25s at 110psi http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNh89a3-dhI"
  9. This started off as a King Arms AEG and I had a Daytona AK kit installed so now it runs off external air. RS parts so far are the stock, grip, magazine, hand guard, and hand guard retainers.
  10. The other side, and now with a real steel stock.
  11. My WE scout got a USGI birch stock.....
  12. It was a custom job and the builder, Tony Rizzo, used a version 3 daytonagun AK kit. He had to modify the receiver and the daytonagun kit to make everything work. Sent using Tapatalk on my mobile toaster.
  13. This is over 1K and it's still not quite done. King Arms Galil with a Daytonagun conversion and real steel stock and magazine. Other real steel parts that I will be adding slowly as I can afford it and do the work: pistol grip, hand guard, gas block, top cover, sights, gas tube, left and right selectors, night sights.
  14. Only this video: http://www.youtube.com/embed/JNh89a3-dhI @Villa It's a King Arms body. The CYMA body works too. The mag is a real Galil Orlte magazine that I modified for airsoft.
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