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  1. Not really in the field per se, but seems the best place to share:
  2. breeze to install too. the hogues dont even need a screw they just grip the frame tightly.
  3. sorry for the crappy pics. was in texas, got some hogue grips for my tanaka M66 Before: After:
  4. Hey; how's it going?

    I was wondering if you could give me a virtual hand.

    I saw this post that you wrote and was wondering if you would be so kind as to explain to me what sites you are talking about, as you use acronyms.

    I am really keen on checkin out more sites; I've only ever been to forest labs and the mall.

    I append your post:

  5. Birthday 'greetz Emily.


  6. I actually drove a Astra 1.3. It really struggled to move in 1st gear on a flat surface, so you're almost right there Black.
  7. Yes exactly my point. All those little touches.... and that majestic pose... epic, isn't it? Sigh.....
  8. All very nice, but I've still not seen anything as epic as this from page 1....
  9. TRH: remember we were discussing on another real sword thread about the battery circuit? I've received further confirmation from other knowledgable airsofters. It is indeed in series. So yes! 16.8v of sheer chainsaw lunacy! Maybe even more? The stick battery compartment should be able to take a 9.6v just fine. It appears to even have the space for a 10.8v! Imagine.... 19.2v! Probably burn the motor out
  10. so you removed the bit that required the removal of the mechbox screw? Can you take a shot of the area please? I'd like to have a look. Thanks.
  11. You will have to do the same with the G36 too.
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