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    Concur. Jason has a cool shop (that's about to expand), great for hunting down items for customers and is a top bloke (along with being a decent sized target too when he partakes in one of his top skirmish days in Watford ;-)
  2. LongSlideAuto

    Airsoft Global Review

    I am very surprised at such positive praise for Airsoft Global. Personally, I will never shop there again. In my experience the levels of communication and honesty were terrible. After being very clear I would rather they cancel the order than send me a sub-standard finish on a full-metal gun, -they duely sent me rubbish amyway. AG also very clumsily decided to hold on to funds of mine for a product they did not have to sell (just falsely advertise). After months of ignored emails, it was only the threat of VISA pulling funds from them that prompted some level of accountability and customer service. So it was then agreed I would send the faulty item back to AG. Many more weeks followed of AG denying the item ever arrived then months more of my emails being constantly ignored (and of course no refund for the store credit AG forcefully gained from my hand). Indeed it was not until the faulty item was returned to my door again (about 3 months later) when the truth came to light. As the stamps on the parcel indicated, -the faulty item had indeed arrived at AG then been sent straight back to me! (minus a few parts and still with no returned store credit). I had to involve HK Police and HK trading standards (who aren't up to much other than making their own black lists for themselves). In the end VISA refunded me and promised to hunt down AG for some form of responsibility for their actions outside of any further inconvenience to myself. Whether they ever did, -who knows? But reading this thread now, I felt compelled to share my terrible experience with the very much renegade and untrustworthy outfit Airsoft Global are in my own experience. Perhaps as the thread numbers reflect, -seven out of every eight orders might go well (but the one out of eight might make you regret even having Airsoft as a hobby). Beyond this awful past experience, I now shop mostly at Tokyo Model Company (who are fully accountable, take their business very seriously and have a very strong appreciation for customer satisfaction). TMC have earned a lot of respect from me and helped regain trust for importing goods from HK.

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