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  1. Is the magpul ever going to happen even? Heard it was due in like June/July and have heard nothing about it. I have now had my Ares 2 years. Shooting just fine still with minimum tweaks. Battery space is my biggest gripe, can never have enough of it.
  2. does anyone no what barrel I could get to convert to the short version?
  3. Yes they are aluminum internals however you save a bundle for the time being and eventually you can easy drop in taf or prime full steel internals and stay under the cost of a traditional woc! I love my WOC to deathhhhh
  4. Hey at least its waiting for you I felt like an IDIOT when I bought a G&P woc and then like 3 weeks later THAT comes out and I felt such rageeeeeee
  5. SilentTank


    beautiful and reliable now thats a gbb I would want on my team! Excellent job!
  6. where did you hear this? I would like a reference so i can check it out!
  7. Really? I haven't heard that from anywhere...? I guess I can stick a mos in.
  8. rewired for deans today. Shoots amazing!
  9. that could explain the superb groupings. Once I find a measuring tool I will check till then I am happy! Rof with 11.1V 20C discharge 1000mah lipo: SCARY Like really scary. Gives insanely fast semi auto shots and full auto...well I only run Mid caps and it chews through 80 rounds in seconds so I can only imagine rof in the low 20's. I am positive I will never do anything to increase the ROF on this gun unless the motor burns out...then hello G&P m120! Everything sounds great. Burned through 8 midcaps mixing safe and semi. Still locked up once in semi. <<PITA So I w
  10. Is this a G&P aeg base? Or Gbb? Looks great but yeah magpul has to go >_<
  11. new pics! Skirmished her a week ago tomorrow the Tavor did AMAZING. I can't get over how accurate it is almost on par with my 1k$+ custom G&P woc. I bet a tight bore in this gun would make it even more ridiculous does anyone know what diameter standard Ares barrels are? Did experience 2 times so far of it not doing anything in semi and needing a switch to full auto to get it firing again. And finally ordered a lipo but my dumb butt got one that is to large to fit in the battery space Anyways shoots really nice on the 9.6V but I still want to see if it can handle a lipo stock
  12. I don't have experience with the X series but the standard WOC has been my favorite airsoft gun ever. 2.5 years and the only thing internally changed in mine is the innerbarrel/hop and the bolt carrier group! everything else is amazing!
  13. Huh the full auto is not an issue I am familiar with, most people had problems with semi locking up and not firing, then would switch to full auto and after a few rounds back to semi and it worked perfect. Not sure what you mean by the click when you pull he trigger unless its the micro switch being engaged...
  14. should be fine I have a 9.6 in mine right now till my lipo arrives. Good luck with that redic ROF...Way excessive for what I like lol I would be outta rounds in 3 seconds with that! and the fix for the selector is a few pages back. Theres a single part that can be shaved down to work much better.
  15. also of not is the 2nd to last picture showing the PTS with the 7.62 lower!!!!
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