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  1. Gearing up for IWA 2012 >> check out special blog here http://www.nlairsoft.com/en/newsblog/iwa-2012.html

  2. Launched NLAIRSOFT.COM version4 >> check out here www.nlairsoft.com

  3. Just introduced the [NL]Airsoft.com Shop Review Database! Check it out....

  4. Happy B-Day, yo'!

  5. looks good! However looks like the MODIFY Modular Gearset won't fit! Could you confirm FarEast?
  6. Compatibility with CA is always hard, since they don't produce consistant marui like gearboxes. There are always little changes in the gearbox, esspecially the re-inforced ones. But FarEast, let's test! Besides, FarEast, may i put your review on my site?
  7. Damn this gun is sooo cool! Need start saving some money...
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