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  1. Anyone remember that video where a Viper GBBR is shot for around 10 minutes straight? A link would be much appreciated.

  2. Replacement aluminum valve snapped after ~800 rounds on propane, in 75F weather. Going to try making one out of drill rod or stainless steel, hopefully that doesn't blow the front of the nozzle off.
  3. Well, now you're 417 is even more realistic Reference(bottom of page 7): http://hk-usa.com/wp-content/uploads/MR762A1-Operators-Manual-04312014.pdf
  4. If you have access to a lathe, you can modify a WE one to fit: http://forum.gbb-technics.fr/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=3986 The one you linked will not work, that is for the RAT VFC M4 nozzle.
  5. Polishing the hook of the hammer where the auto sear engages helps too. IIRC, it's at a steeper angle then WA hammers and has more engagement then WE hammers so it takes more force and time to disengage.
  6. The stock TM routers work the best for me, Merlin routers give less kick. The shape of the hole isn't really important, it's that it sits further forward by ~2mm. Make sure when you screw it in from the back the nozzle isn't pushed forward, and if you're using a protection pad, try without it. Also, try shooting the gun without the mag release, holding the mag at different heights each time to see if it improves anything.
  7. Have you tried using stock TM gas routers?
  8. On one of the first batch Umarex VFCs that I worked on, I had to polish the bottom of the bolt carrier heavily to get it to fire smoothly in full auto. Make sure to relube everything as well, preferably with a non-aerosol oil.
  9. My floating valve just snapped, so now the gun just farts. Time to turn one on the lathe.
  10. It seems my Merlin BBU actually works better with TM gas routes than with the provided ones. I tested with 2 TM 5.1 magazines and 2 Prowin magazines. Both kick harder than stock with the TM gas routes, while with the Merlin gas routes, one mag kicks almost as hard and one mag barely manages to lock back for each shot. For the standalone Prowin IPSC mags, the Merlin gas routes are not compatible, as Prowin gas routes have a different shape at the bottom, so using Merlin gas routes cause the gun to vent. This can be fixed with some gasket sealant, but I didn't have to do this as the Prowin m
  11. Thanks, I'll let you know if I need them!
  12. Has anyone tested the routers yet with Prowin IPSC mags? I'll be home in 2 weeks so I'll be able to test a Prohandgun slide w/ Marui frame with the Merlin BBU, but I'm just a little worried as the Prowin mags already sit higher than stock Marui mags.
  13. Don't know if you can put a Marui or Stark 18c BBU in a 17 slide, but you can put a WE 18c BBU in a 17 slide. To make it semi only, you just have to add a spacer to the auto sear trip lever to keep it in semi position.
  14. The Guarder frame will not work with the WE as the WE G19 uses a G17 style inner frame while the KJW and WE G26 use a G26 style frame. The WE G19 inner frame's pin holes will not line up with the holes on the Guarder frame. If you want to use this frame, you will need to buy a KJ or Guarder G19 inner frame, and the corresponding hop up unit/outer barrel.
  15. They share the same hop up unit, and I'm pretty sure the outer barrels are compatible.
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