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  1. TeowneD

    H&K Picture Thread

    TM USPc - cerakote (slide/frame), stippling, fiber sights + tightbore The suppressor is just thin enough to fit perfectly into the holster
  2. TeowneD

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Aks74 - TM EBB
  3. TeowneD

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    TM recoil AK...its begging for some Zenitco bits
  4. TeowneD

    H&K Picture Thread

    TM USPc with a few goodies from Tokyo
  5. TeowneD

    Beretta Picture Thread

    TM Biohazard 15th anniv Samurai Edge m9a1
  6. TeowneD

    King Arms C02 Colt Python

    how much larger is the grip compared to a RS one? Ideally I would like to fit some RS wood grips if I were to pick one up.
  7. TeowneD

    1911 Picture Thread

    finally joined the club Hurricane LAPD Kimber
  8. TeowneD

    Glock Picture Thread

    got a pic request guys: Glock 26 advance with some kind of LAM / laser, light combo. I tried searching on google but it didn't yield much. I'm trying to think up a way to get something like the pistol in Halo 3 ODST
  9. TeowneD

    Glock Picture Thread

    there is this, if you can find it anywhere now.
  10. TeowneD

    SIG Picture Thread

    great setup mate. I pretty much have the same thing except in the non railed config. Hows the TK twist barrel working out for you? I've always contemplated getting one. TeowneD
  11. TeowneD

    Glock Picture Thread

    do you mean disassembled, or with parts still in frame/slide?
  12. TeowneD

    Glock Picture Thread

    Its got a Shooters design slide and barrel, came as a "custom" piece from UNco. Quality's great and it hasnt failed me yet, though I wish the slide was a little bit more grey.
  13. TeowneD

    Glock Picture Thread

    KSC glock 19 with its new 20 year old MGC cousin -brendan
  14. TeowneD

    1911 Picture Thread

    WA? doesn't really look like a TM from the size of the mag bumper.
  15. TeowneD

    SIG Picture Thread

    still running the stock TM slide with a Guarder lower......added grips, Tritium sights, chrome barrel and other bits and bobs internally... -brendan

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