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  1. TM USPc - cerakote (slide/frame), stippling, fiber sights + tightbore The suppressor is just thin enough to fit perfectly into the holster
  2. TM recoil AK...its begging for some Zenitco bits
  3. TM USPc with a few goodies from Tokyo
  4. TM Biohazard 15th anniv Samurai Edge m9a1
  5. how much larger is the grip compared to a RS one? Ideally I would like to fit some RS wood grips if I were to pick one up.
  6. finally joined the club Hurricane LAPD Kimber
  7. got a pic request guys: Glock 26 advance with some kind of LAM / laser, light combo. I tried searching on google but it didn't yield much. I'm trying to think up a way to get something like the pistol in Halo 3 ODST
  8. there is this, if you can find it anywhere now.
  9. TeowneD


    1988 marushin Model 10 HB. Too bad I didnt get a shot of the whole gun.
  10. great setup mate. I pretty much have the same thing except in the non railed config. Hows the TK twist barrel working out for you? I've always contemplated getting one. TeowneD
  11. -nylon duty belt going to the left of the buckle -leatherman knife pouch -OC spray pouch -Safariland 6280 for my p226 -cuff pouch with fake cuffs -little DIY clip for my spyderco tenatious -surefire torch holster (6pLED) -Nylon mag/baton pouch -Uncle mikes open top kydex mag pouch -blackhawk belt keepers to keep the darn thing on my pants (all around) I was hoping to switch it all to leather kit but i never got around to doing so. cheers
  12. just for fun ... for cardboard, a belt, and a bunch of straps, the retention aint bad at all. on a more serious note now...one of my CQB rigs
  13. do you mean disassembled, or with parts still in frame/slide?
  14. Its got a Shooters design slide and barrel, came as a "custom" piece from UNco. Quality's great and it hasnt failed me yet, though I wish the slide was a little bit more grey.
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