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  1. bobtuskins

    Snoopy's Initial Impressions on the Tokyo Marui MP7A1 GBB

    It would seem that buying a spare nozzle would be the best course of action, as I usually run propane. I probably won't even need it given England's lovely (HA!) weather. I saw some references earlier in the thread that the aftermarket nozzles increase the FPS somewhat - is this a significant increase when installed in a model without any mods?
  2. bobtuskins

    Snoopy's Initial Impressions on the Tokyo Marui MP7A1 GBB

    Had a read through the whole thread. Pretty good stuff to know, all in all. I've been seeing a lot more aftermarket loading nozzles recently on all the major shops in Asia and locally, beyond the usual Azimuth ones. Any other impressions regarding their durability and performance? Also, how well do the original TM parts "mesh" with the aftermarket nozzles?
  3. bobtuskins

    Tokyo Marui M9A1

    Aye, it's as you say. After it arrived, I had a play with a variety of different weapon lights, including three different brands of M3 and M3X, and all bar the ACM one fit. No skin off my teeth as I wanted a new torch anyway.
  4. bobtuskins

    Tokyo Marui M9A1

    Well what surprised me was that my ACM torch fits on every other rail I have including real milspec ones just fine, but not at all on the M9, leading me to believe that the rail is out of spec as too wide.
  5. bobtuskins

    Tokyo Marui M9A1

    Hi guys, I've got one of these heading my way soonish, and as a result I was wondering about accessories, namely regarding torches and the railed frame. A friend of mine got his a few months back and bought an Element M3X to go with it. It fit - barely - and with quite a lot of effort to push the thing on as it was a very tight squeeze. We also tried to mount another torch I had lying around, but that didn't go on in the slightest - the rail was far too wide. Has anyone else had these problems? What torches would you recommend? I kind of want an M3 or similar, but I'd rather not shell out the dosh only to find out it won't fit on.
  6. bobtuskins

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    Most recent (and by "recent" I mean last Summer) photo of me inna field at Tudders, rocking the San Marco, LBV, and HK33E.
  7. bobtuskins

    UK Spec KWA KMP9 Pictures

    Excellent. I was planning on getting an MP9 in the near future, and since I usually run my gas guns on propane, I knew it would probably run way too hot. Guess I'll add the valve to my future shopping list and see.
  8. bobtuskins

    UK Spec KWA KMP9 Pictures

    Does anyone know what it chrono's on .20 BBs using pure propane and a Dangerwerx valve?

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