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  1. So much this. Please. I would sell so much of my current collection just to appease the airsoft gods at something that awesome being released. Even more so if they managed to make it pump & semi!
  2. Inari

    Tokyo Marui HK45

    Normally I hate the two tone look...but I have to admit, that looks tasty
  3. 3 shells? Sounds like you didn't fill the gas tank to the brim. Mine takes an inordinate amount of time to fill, and lasted a half-day's gaming without needing refilling. 7x shells each game, 5 games total, and still loads of gas in it.
  4. Picked one of these up last weekend, and finally got out to use it yesterday evening. To say I was impressed does not even come close to describe the feeling using this gun. On a single fill the tank lasted all day, and I was using TM + clone shells; no misfeeds or anything unusual. Reloading I found to be a little slow (same as the tri-shots), but the shooting of it was more than enough to make up for it. I started out on six shot, but reverted to 3 as I was having to change shells a little too often. The noise was intimidating enough for people not to come down the corridor, and peoples reactions were priceless upon getting hit by it - insanely fun!
  5. Either you're here for the community, in which case you post, or you're here just to sell stuff in which case you don't bother. I think that's the point of the limit, and it does work. Arnies is not a Sales website by design, and instead has it tacked on. It is a community driven discussion forum, and although that is waning I would agree with an earlier poster...would you rather see it die a death after a glorious fire, or limp on as a mutated shell of its former self. I definitely sit firmly in the former's camp.
  6. What's nice about the 100 posts is that when done right, you forget about trying to get your post count up, and instead just immerse yourself into the community. As this happens you get a sense of those in the community, and they get a sense of you. That sort of thing is invaluable when sending expensive products around the world, particularly where money is ridiculously hard to get out of people if anything went wrong. I do see the point Skarclaw is making - does that put people off becoming a member of the community? I don't think so. Personally, from all the forums I'm on, I think that it's just the way it is...forums are dying (said in best '2012' voice ). People seem to be favouring the more instant methods of communication as opposed to the more in-line side of the forum. Tis a shame, but things like IM groups are drastically making smaller forums redundant. I think places like this still have their merit, but it just means that traffic will reduce.
  7. Inari

    Beretta Picture Thread

    Amen. I just can't justify the price tag...even though I've spent more for things I want less, which is annoying. I hate how my brain works.
  8. Inari

    Major site access issues?

    It goes down regularly enough for me - just won't be able to get on for a day or two, then it's back. Happened there on Sunday for a couple of hours, but then came back
  9. One of the lads has provided pretty good instructions in response to my query for how to do it...back a couple of pages, but definitely makes sense. I'm in the same boat as you though...want the look, not sure if I have the patience/skill
  10. Got it in one. On 134a/144a in our respective climate and current weather it's just not going to work - the pressure isn't great enough. Cool down sets in far quicker, and you end up with a gun that's spitting BB's as opposed to slinging 'em. Switch to green gas and you'll be far better off. The pressure is greater, the cool down effect lessened and the power increases. As leo said, it shouldn't go above 325fps w/0.20g so will be fine even for CQB. The difference between green and 134a in this weather is astronomical. If I remember (and that's a very big if) I'll try record the difference on Sunday. I can understand if you're a little nervous running it off of higher pressured gas, so I'd go with something like Ultrair...it's not as high pressured as the likes of the Cybergun red-label (still green gas, by the way) gas, but greater than 144a.
  11. What was the grip like to fit? Need any modifications, or just drop in?
  12. Mine is still chugging a long like a champ. I've found that the mags take an absolute age to fill, and loading up my 7x mags used up about one third of a gas bottle (750ml). Using Cybergun green gas (APS3, red bottle) it fires strong at just under the joule, with nice snappy recoil. On sustained burst fire, toward the end of the mag cool down began to set in (lessened recoil, slightly slower cyclical rate). Change of mag, and right back to where it should be. Used all day in 4 degree weather without a single hiccough. Like others have noted, the mags are a bit prone to dirt clogging the BB's - worth disassembling for scrubbing with a wire brush on the BB channel. I have 3x spare nozzles ready to go should I need them, and it's still running perfectly stock. Kinda wish I hadn't shelled out for the unnecessary nozzles
  13. Inari

    1911 Picture Thread

    Always loved the look of the full length guide rod; much nicer look in my opinion!
  14. Inari

    Tokyo Marui Series 70 Nickel Finish

    It's the same with any nickel plated/chrome finish plastic guns; they look fine but ultimately are too shiny and end up just feeling like a cheap poundshop toy I have the same issue with the Marushin SAA; looks great on display, but once in your hand...*shudders*

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