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  1. dropping flip flops since 1992

  2. Finally finished, heres my AK74mn customised with dragunov type stock, POSP scope, silencer and bipod. its got a 6.03 tightbore an irregular pitch spring. ive used this already and its absolutely lethal !!! its got great range, and it is very accurate.
  3. My TM SPAS 12, expect new pics soon with fold over stock!!!
  4. My FN SLR fitted out for marksmans role, now with low profile mounts, definately a long range killer!
  5. steve4360


    Old school British Army DMR, its heavy, its accurate and it scares the hell out of the enemy! Ares stock rifle with a modified Ares top cover and fitted with a 6-12x50PA illuminated scope. Here's my Russian DMR its an AK74MN as a base, its got a custom built stock, bipod, 6.03 tightbore, and has got a dragunov sidemount fitted so i could fit a POSP to it.
  6. Heres my Ares SLR its fitted out with a scope as an old school marksmans rifle, very heavy, very accurate and perfect for long range shooting.
  7. steve4360


    no m8, its an aeg, it only shoots at about 300fps but its got a great hop and easily holds its own with some of my more powerful guns.
  8. steve4360

    Chin Grab.jpg

  9. heres my TM uzi, they need to make a new version with a metal box and upgrade parts, cant understand why they havent they would sell shedloads!
  10. Here, here, UZIs all the way! heres my TM with custom textured grips. It may be a bit under powered, and you have to be careful of the fragile gearbox, but there is nothing that gets more looks when your out in the field.
  11. Just a note about clone POSP and issue originals, some people have mentioned the fact that clone units have scratched their top covers, this is due to the poor battery/LED reticule illumination design of the clone sights, these mods are not present on real issue sights, giving them better clearance, but beware of buying old real steel items that havent been converted as they use strange sized soviet batteries that arnt easily available.
  12. my star L85A2, and me at work with an old A1
  13. steve4360

    guns and me

    airsoft guns and me
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