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  1. Hows the GRP? Thinking of getting a Talon.
  2. Can you link me to the barrel?
  3. Not really. The SD slides are way too blue.
  4. how did you get such a nice finish on the slide?
  5. How much shots can you squeeze with a charged mag with the steel slide?
  6. Did the Meprolight need mods to fit?
  7. Hey Kojak, Do you know the specs of the threading for the RIS 2? What type of barrel is that too? IronWolf: Please brush up on the forum rules & refrain from quoting pictures in future.
  8. What's the specs for the P10 barrel? 14mm ccw? Did the SD slides take some modification to fit in?
  9. Hey Richard, are those lipos custom built to order?
  10. Finally. http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/prometheus-eg-double-torque-hard-gear-set-for-marui-shoot-and-recoil-new-ver-1-2.html
  11. AEG or GBBR? What type of BUIS are those?
  12. Anybody know about the threading for the barrel nut? I want to convert my Super 10 version with a Dytac 10.5 barrel and gas block, a Madbull MK18 rail, and a Madbull barrel nut.
  13. any idea when that 416 is hitting the states?VFC hasn't even put info about their 416 on the homepage.
  14. Guarder made a G17C steel slide?
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