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  1. Looks great! What PEQ-15 do you have on there?
  2. What are you talking about? Looks real to me... and I see trademarks. -OGGY
  3. Top: -ACOG TA31 with Killflash Middle: -EoTech 551 with EOLAD laser cover -PVS-14 (most likely a magnifier not the real NV device) Bottom: -ACOG TA31 with Killflash -OGGY *edited for clarity
  4. IIRC it's justs a bit longer for use with a 12.5" barrel that was being tested. (And has the GL mounts of the M4A1 while being shorter like the Mk18). I'm with you though, the Mk18 looks a bit too short and the M4A1 looks a bit too long... the GL/SSC looks perfect. -OGGY Forget all that, it's already been said And for those wondering, the M203 mounts to a M4A1 RIS II by means of two little 'arms' that swing down out of the upper part. A screw is the passed though these arms and though the hole for the front mount on the M203. You can just make it out on the pic posted above. EDIT
  5. You should have said Inokatsu... I would have believed you. That's too bad about the paint. I'd suggest stripping it and having it anodized (since the cast looks really good) if the metal had been of higher quality. (Unless is actually aluminum...) No matter, you have an excellent looking rifle. -OGGY
  6. Which receiver are you using Arion? Looks good. -OGGY
  7. Definitely do this! That will look great. -OGGY
  8. I really wish PTS made their ACR in CB rather than FDE. I'm really liking the color of that RIS Noveske. Both of your ACR's are looking great. -OGGY
  9. Lets see that CQB-R upper on there. Great looking kit.
  10. mrk, which kit do you like more, the PGC or the NOVA? (fit & finish wise) How much work was required to fit the 610r? Also any chance for some more photos? -OGGY
  11. KAC Mk12 actually. I'm not sure if that's still the case though since I haven't seen any Mk12's in stock anywhere. KAC may still be producing them for the military though. I've seen some FSP's used but they appeared to only be in testing. The M4's seem to have gotten a little farther in the testing phase based on those pics I linked (or they may have started being issued already.) -OGGY And slu, black LMT's all the way. I love mine!
  12. That looks great slu! I've got two questions for you; what is the white/grey bit behind your flash hider and have you considered using a issue FSP? -OGGY EDIT: I think you will appreciate these pics of real Block II M4/M203's: http://www.militaryblog.jp/usr/g75goodenough/qalat.jpg http://www.militaryblog.jp/usr/g75goodenough/2zfpbti.jpg
  13. What versions are you talking about? I've see both the old version with the square bit on the side and the new one with the curvier bits used. I can show you the pics if you like. (Or I could be talking about the wrong versions or whatever and you can feel free to ignore this post. ) -OGGY
  14. You should definitely go back to the regular front sight base, it will really look good with that build. You could try a PRI or ARMS front sight though if you want something as bit less standard (without being a flashy as the VLTOR.) Great looking build by the way, the illumination kit and the scout light look fantastic. -OGGY
  15. I looks like a replica since I don't see a 1-4x lever but it's a little hard to tell. I looks like he just bought THIS and a real/clone doctor to go on it. Another reason I think it's a replica; would you paint a $2,000 optic? -OGGY
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