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  1. Greenmeance

    SMG Picture Thread

    Wow, that is a niece piece! Really different. Wasn't there a thread up where someone was making one of these from the armourers notes? I'd like a Swedish K that's for sure!
  2. Greenmeance

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    Indeed it is, a LC-7-40, shame the internal light source has decayed but rugged and low tech otherwise. Design needs a little tweak to catch more light forward and profile is a bit low without a rail riser, but my preferred alternative to cheap red dots that don't zero.
  3. Greenmeance

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    Its an aeg body, gas block is a king arms one, I just liked the look of. The gas piston and tube shouldn't fit that handguard, I modified the back of it and the locking ring to accept it, fits in the rail perfectly. Just seemed right, it doesn't do anything apart from look different and pin the handguard even more firmly in place, the gas plug even rotates as it would for different gas flow settings. Guess I just like the added detail, seemed fitting
  4. Greenmeance

    1911 Picture Thread

    Anyone know with certainty what body kit this is on WA colt mkiv? I've an idea it's PGC, ahh random purchases!
  5. Greenmeance

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    Something or a relic but I do like the SR16 ambi bodies
  6. Greenmeance

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    I like fold stocks but not the extra weight! Ca870 still have their uses....
  7. Greenmeance

    1911 Picture Thread

    WA P14 Compacts! Double stack allllll the way.
  8. Greenmeance

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    A ways to go yet, but something old made new again, m88 kit on an ACM mossberg:

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