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  1. You're right, put put put, I should have remembered the irregular verbs list. I wanted to put put, instead of putted. Merde, la prochaine fois je le ferai en fran├žais, au moins il y aura moins de fautes, encore que...
  2. Size comparison pics, with 3inch kimber and 5 inch gov.
  3. The harballer is very well balanced, like a normal 5 inch. It's not front heavy.
  4. Long wait, but finally came in.
  5. Well, didn't realize before, it's due to the sun.
  6. dave, is this the prime aluminium barrel/chamber ? Looks like steel.
  7. My raptor 2 is for sale, in case someone is interested in it.
  8. Have a spare silver frame from a scw1 para hrt. It will fit the magna version, assuming you already have the mechanism.
  9. I tried the CP aluminium chamber, and it reduces kick, whereas blowback speed didn't speed up a lot.
  10. Any word on the blowback once kitted with prime kit ? Isn't that too much for a single stack mag ?
  11. Well, RW is known for weird products description. Quite tempting, I'll have to get rid of my hybrid 6 inch svi and get this. Yummy !
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