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    a dodgy CYMA MP5
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    Something about how much i dislike the Liberal/tory/republican parties or maybe just wax lyrical about how preatty my girlfriend is... its all good
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    a place with no airsoft and lots of tanned women, oh god why must you torment me?
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    reading<br />MSN talking to people all over the world<br />mechanical design<br />modern history<br />politics<br />and armchair warfare
  1. i got this error trying to connect to the chat room [22:41] Connecting... [22:42] Unable to connect : java.net.UnknownHostException : irc.xombo.com just thought i'd let you know
  2. we have over 20 thousand members... where are they all?
  3. mower

    Girls only? No wai!

    ... now if someone actually said that too you i would pay good money too see the result
  4. id vote for you mate equally i think hardcore would be a good choise too and evil hippy too
  5. just about what you've said about dyslexia hardcore have you ever been tested? im dyslexic and it affects us all in different ways for instance spedz self confessed atrocious spelling is one way my absolute incompetance in get the ideas from my head to paper is another. i am also very very slow in exams and i get extra time for this (although next year i wont because of some buerucratic *beep* about my marks being too high) and alot of people who are of you generation (early to late 20's am i right?) were never tested so you might have a more mild form of well the disorder that could affe
  6. ok well your website is green.... errrm very very green... not that there is a problem with green there is just a hell of alot of it and darling its just not your colour *sniggers*. but seriously it looks nice mate and you should be proud, proud to be a webdesigner for a gardening company that sell railway sleepers even though i cannot possibly see a use for them other than sleeping which is usually reserved for people who usually sleep with other so who does the sleeper sleep with? arghhh now you've confused my poor little aussie mind damn you evil hippy your so damn evil and yet f
  7. yeah when i try to get on dark mist it says either access denied or get told that there is no such channel and the same with the web ap you put up cazboab
  8. ok well i still cant get it to work .........
  9. lol microsoft couldnt take over a shoe box and here is my evidence "An airplane is flying into a city blanketed with fog, the pilot cant see 10m ahead of him, he flies around for ages trying to find a landmark so u can find the airport, when suddenly he sees a gap in the fog with a man standing on a building, the pilot asks the man, “where am I?” The man replies “your in an airplane” the pilot then flies to the airport and makes a perfect landing… later when asked how he worked it out he replied “a man gave me information that was absolutely correct although completely useless, so I
  10. have our great imperious leaders gone mad/started sniffing green gas? more on this story next week
  11. i second that! let him cry!
  12. aye amen and why are we doing this to him again?
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