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  1. there is over here, for instance there is a notorious hitman called chopper reid (link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Brandon_Read funnily ennough wiki spelt his name wrong) who had a movie made about him, he didnt get a single cent for it and was forced to give his cut to the Royal Childrens hospital in melbourne. the ###### doesnt even feel good about giving to charity, i saw him do stand up (he cant make any money these days and he is a ###### comedian) and he make jokes about stealing it back from the kids and boasted about having not been caught for an out standing unsolved murd
  2. the buses down on the bellarine peninsular............. seriously stick to the *fruitcage* timetable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i waited for the bus for half an hour today and then went to check said timetable... as soon as i walk across the road, there goes my bus ! *fruitcage* ! so i have to hitchike all the way into uni so i dont miss my lecture... thankyou bellarine transport!
  3. i got this error trying to connect to the chat room [22:41] Connecting... [22:42] Unable to connect : java.net.UnknownHostException : irc.xombo.com just thought i'd let you know
  4. we have over 20 thousand members... where are they all?
  5. mower

    Girls only? No wai!

    ... now if someone actually said that too you i would pay good money too see the result
  6. id vote for you mate equally i think hardcore would be a good choise too and evil hippy too
  7. just about what you've said about dyslexia hardcore have you ever been tested? im dyslexic and it affects us all in different ways for instance spedz self confessed atrocious spelling is one way my absolute incompetance in get the ideas from my head to paper is another. i am also very very slow in exams and i get extra time for this (although next year i wont because of some buerucratic *beep* about my marks being too high) and alot of people who are of you generation (early to late 20's am i right?) were never tested so you might have a more mild form of well the disorder that could affe
  8. ok well your website is green.... errrm very very green... not that there is a problem with green there is just a hell of alot of it and darling its just not your colour *sniggers*. but seriously it looks nice mate and you should be proud, proud to be a webdesigner for a gardening company that sell railway sleepers even though i cannot possibly see a use for them other than sleeping which is usually reserved for people who usually sleep with other so who does the sleeper sleep with? arghhh now you've confused my poor little aussie mind damn you evil hippy your so damn evil and yet f
  9. well here is my list of todays greivances today i was doing parties at work i endded up having a *beep* day because they first party i did turned up 10 minutes late and the mother treated us as indentured servant and then when we finished on time she had a coronary becasue she had missed 10 of the party because she turned up late and thus she went and moaned at the manager and i lost my break to give her brats another 10 minutes! next rant some little *beep* slashed our pool inflatable so we had to take the kids for double the time in the wave pool we usually do and they decided to
  10. yeah we sort of convinced him after much whining that that was not te way to teach and we almost have him trained now, we just have to teach him to roll over and give us the test answers
  11. crandall im sure you know what definition of a republic she wants seeing as neither the french model or latter american model existed at any time BC then its a tad obvious that she does not want an extra large political break down of either thus she would probably require you to simply say a nation without a monarchy controled by one group of people who represent the population at large and in romes case this would be the democratically elected senate (HA! corruption has existed forever in the democratic system forever take that those who say me ruling the world is a bad thing at least i dont
  12. yeah it really is quite sickening and you'll find that it isnt the majority of the australian public calling for a minutes silence, its the loony labour lefties who claim to represent the majority of the country (HAHA who won the election mate?!) as backed up by the media who dispise John Howard (and rightly so he is the lesser of two evils). so yeah... it really is just a huge outpouring of grief by people who dont give a *fruitcage* if he lives or dies they just want to make a stand against the death penalty.... even though its been abolished here
  13. melton australia which happens to be full of scum
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