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  1. MDK_Marshal

    SIG Picture Thread

    After fiddling around for a while (instead of working), I found out something interesting. The TM Sig 226 (and, I assume, it's clones) can function 100% fine without it's outer barrel. Just something for you sig folks to bear in mind, I suppose...
  2. MDK_Marshal

    KJW M4

    I think it's important to note HOW it doesn't fit here. If it's too tall, then there's no problems (chop the top when fititng the new internals), but if the mag is too long/wide then it's a bit worse; nothing that can't be solved with some sandpaper or a dremel, mind.
  3. MDK_Marshal

    KJW M4

    Should make it much easier to get a grip on when ripping it out to put your piston in, too
  4. MDK_Marshal

    KJW M4

    The KJW won't break, whereas the WE SCAR will. Anything prone to breaking in the KJW M4 (IE, one or tow bits) can be ordered from cradle airsoft for not a lot of dosh. And, AFAIK, there's few to no spare parts for the WE scar. You WOULD technically save money, but there's nothing to break on a KJW. I'd rather have a gun that's proven to run over ten thousand rounds, and still work when something breaks, than something I've heard to be really rather fragile.
  5. MDK_Marshal

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Oh dear lord, this thread again. Good choice of necropost, my good sir. I personally can't stand when a rubbish thread is revived. But a gem like this? Marvellous.
  6. MDK_Marshal

    KJW M4

    Special airsoft supplies seem to be the only retailer in the UK with it in stock (AFAIK), but I seem to recall hearing some not-so-great things about them in the past, so I'd be a bit hesitant to buy it from them...
  7. MDK_Marshal

    KJW M4

    Well, I feel I should stick something in here, as people have been misunderstanding stuff.... On the previous page there was a comment that the TK M4 would feature a negative pressure system. Nowhere does it say that this is ADJUSTABLE. I would be VERY surprised if the japanese version of the gun had adjustable power. More likely, it's just a bog-standard Negative Pressure system. So stop saying it's coming with an NPAS, because, well, It's not....
  8. MDK_Marshal

    KJW M4

    Turns out the best way to get replacement parts from KJW is to seduce them. *fetches suit*
  9. MDK_Marshal

    KJW M4

    I think the single defining factor that will have me buying one of these is the gas consumption. There's a youtube vid of someone (I forget who) getting off three full mags on one fill of gas; In continuous Full-Auto, no less. And If I read this here first post correctly, raven managed SEVEN mags worth of ammo on ONE fill of gas, with (I assume) some controlled shooting and use of semi. That's seven mags at 400+ fps. If you drop the gas output down and lower the power, I'd be willing to bet that you could get ten mags out with one fill of gas at ~330 fps. That is, of course, if I've read the post right xD
  10. MDK_Marshal

    KJW M4

    You'd rather buy a WA or a clone thereof that'll require you to spend triple what the gun costs to get it functioning Okay, instead of spending nothing to get the KJW working fine? When I can afford one, a KJW M4 is definitely on my wish list. The AGM is fun, but for the sheer unrivalled reliability and efficiency... This seems to take the cake.
  11. MDK_Marshal

    KJW M4

    Give it enough time and somebody will find a way. If i can find some detailed shots of the internals (specifically the bolt, of course) I'll see if I can spot a way to bring the power down... EDIT: Looks like it's based on roughly the same principle as the WA system, with a floating valve in the nozzle. The same principle of shimming the back of the float valve so it sits further forward. It appears to be held in place by either one or two pins. Should still be possible to shim the back, same as the WA system. 'Course, somebody else will have to actually try it, as I have no access to a KJW M4, nor do I have the funds to acquire one...
  12. MDK_Marshal

    KJW M4

    From user reports, it seems like it, but the problem is that not many people seem to have it. Best bet is to sell off the AGM and give it a go. Can't be less reliable than the AGM
  13. MDK_Marshal

    KJW M4

    They should do, They're not much thicker or generally bigger than normal mags, are they? They've jsut got a couple of extra ribs, adding a few mm overall thickness. And they'll still hold 30 rounds (in RS, I mean), so length is the same. So, I'm going to go out on a limb and say yeah, they'll fit in an M16 pouch.
  14. MDK_Marshal

    KJW M4

    People are just whinging about them. I know a fair few people who are interested in this, but specifically say "If you can get it with normal mags, I'll buy it" After seeing that youtube vid, I've most definitely made my mind up; I NEED ONE OF THESE! A mate is soon to be giving me ultra-cheap broken guns, so if I fix those and sell them on... *ponders* Should be able to afford one. And thermolds don't bother me! First time I was ever planning to get an airsoft gun, I was going to get a full-length M16 with thermolds
  15. MDK_Marshal

    KJW M4

    You can use one no problems. As long as it's got the VSR/TM Pistol end to it, it'll fit fine, by the sounds of it. For example; Here's a TK twist barrel for the TM VSR and compatibles: http://www.fire-support.co.uk/product-info.php?id=2683 UK shop, yeah, but you get the point. The barrels exist for this type of fitting. I'm personally more interested if it also uses VSR style hop rubbers; if so, then there's a lot of high-quality choices already on the shelves....

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