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  1. hi,

    Before posting in the wrong place and getting in trouble, I am a retailer www.eliteairsoftuk.com.

    Am I allowed to sell stuff in your bulk section or anywhere else?


  2. Happy Birthday :)


  3. After fiddling around for a while (instead of working), I found out something interesting. The TM Sig 226 (and, I assume, it's clones) can function 100% fine without it's outer barrel. Just something for you sig folks to bear in mind, I suppose...
  4. Horrible pictures, I'm afraid, but I may as well stick my TM-based SG1 up here. What you may JUST be able to make out is that it's got a custom-made stock extendy doodad. So, if you feel the need to do so, you can adjust the length of the stock. Unfortunately, due to total lack of time and funds, it's up for sale for, well, not a lot. Hint, hint
  5. If you want an aesthetically pleasing but ultimately utterly useless replica, then yeah, KSC all the way. It's realistic to the real one, but good GOD the gun is terrible. Weak recoil springs mean the slide takes a good two seconds to return to battery half the time, the safety is finicky and breaks easily, and the whole system is essentially the real gun's workings, fiddled slightly for airsoft use. This is fine in a real gun, with a huge hammer spring, but utterly useless in an airsoft gun. With any sensible hammer spring, the gun simply light-strikes 90% of the time, and with one stiff
  6. hey man long time no see, still 'softing @ Grange Farm?

  7. MDK_Marshal

    KJW M4

    I think it's important to note HOW it doesn't fit here. If it's too tall, then there's no problems (chop the top when fititng the new internals), but if the mag is too long/wide then it's a bit worse; nothing that can't be solved with some sandpaper or a dremel, mind.
  8. Uh, why? Metal isn't infinitely superior to plastic in every possible situation, you know. In many, MANY cases, plastic is VASTLY preferable. I'd argue that the nozzle for a GBB is one of those many occasions.
  9. Uh, don't the element nozzles have a reputation for being rubbish and shattering easily?
  10. Heh, glad to hear it's a useful fix One of my pins snapped in two as well, so I just got a set of Chinese anti-rotation pins. They look pimp and it saves me from losing the pins in-game (a worry of mine). I'd just get them from RSOV with other small bits; if it's under 1kg then you can do post office shipping. I ended up getting a steal sear, AR pins, 416 style pistol grip, and new alu buffer & spring over the summer, and the shipping cost me a whopping six USD, and took less than a wee to arrive. I must say, the GBB lark DOES look cheap if you get a KJW.... It's more expensive initi
  11. MDK_Marshal

    KJW M4

    Should make it much easier to get a grip on when ripping it out to put your piston in, too
  12. Aye, I came up with a shimming fix; basically make sure the flute valve is set to be a negative pressure one, and glue shims behind it so it sits further forward; same basic principle that the NPAS works on. TBH, it's a moot thing to do nowadays with the clone NPAS; It's fine as a stopgap, but I wouldn't recommend it as a long-term solution when an adjustable version is around for less than twenty bucks.
  13. MDK_Marshal

    KJW M4

    The KJW won't break, whereas the WE SCAR will. Anything prone to breaking in the KJW M4 (IE, one or tow bits) can be ordered from cradle airsoft for not a lot of dosh. And, AFAIK, there's few to no spare parts for the WE scar. You WOULD technically save money, but there's nothing to break on a KJW. I'd rather have a gun that's proven to run over ten thousand rounds, and still work when something breaks, than something I've heard to be really rather fragile.
  14. MDK_Marshal

    KJW M4

    Special airsoft supplies seem to be the only retailer in the UK with it in stock (AFAIK), but I seem to recall hearing some not-so-great things about them in the past, so I'd be a bit hesitant to buy it from them...
  15. Wow, just... wow... Watched this lot, and the disappointment is palpable. How much did you pay for this thing? If this was marketed at clone prices, it would still be hard to swallow, by the looks of it. Shame, as I like the Tavor, and TSI always seemed to produce such great stuff... Yeesh... =/
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