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  1. How are those OR gloves? I've been eying them for a decent bit but haven't taken the plunge and bought em yet.
  2. Kanian

    Custom Gear

    Nice dude, ABU gear is always smexy, even if the uniform is lacking LOL. KUTGW
  3. TACP/JTACs do sometimes when attached to army units, or did in Iraq and in Afganland before and during the switch to MC. It's also worn by various convoy guys, a buddy of mine I used to work with in AMMO wore it while working a convoy.
  4. Got a pic request for y'all, I'm looking for TACPs in ABS-G, can anyone help me out?
  5. Doesn't it to all of us? Lol. ABU gear is sexy though, gotta say I got a soft spot for it.
  6. You could probably do a RAV in ACU and it would be kosher, like I mentioned above, I've seen one in ABU before, in person. I also recall that one of the others could have had an ACU RAV, I know two of them had RAVs but am not to sure on the non ABU one.
  7. I wouldn't think so. I'd just roll with a standard IOTV. Or other full sized flak type plate carrier.
  8. Yeh, and I've heard of them getting issued stuff from the service they are working with to. I personally saw a paraclete RAV in ABU being used by a EOD guy back at my last base.
  9. One thing I've learned while researching my own AFSOC loadout is that they have among the MOST varied kit I've ever seen. Among the few 'standard' kit is what has been mentioned here, but I could figure you could take alot of leeway after the LBT or BAE. I've seen Arc'teryx, both LEAF and standard outerwear, BEYOND TACTICAL uniforms and outerwear, heck I've even seen North face before.
  10. My team back in the states mainly does marpat so I figure I could throw on some aors when I play with them again, and just rock MC while by myself or with the guys I''ll be playing with here. Cool to hear AFSOC is thinkin CPCs now. Also Ive noticed afsoc likes LEAF items from arc'teryx to, good way to distinguish yourself from your 'seal' counterparts.
  11. That was the plan frogfish, I'm gonna use MC as the main uniform for the impression, but want to be able to switch to an AOR uniform to "imbed" into my team when I get back in the states in big games.
  12. Hey all I'm planning on starting a CCT kit in AOR1 with a LBT 6094A in CT, can you guys post up y'alls photos of CCTs in AOR? I'm not having that great of luck today for some reason. Thanks.
  13. I think he means the MAP, its a molle assualt pack.
  14. Does anyone know if CCTs and TACPs get issued the LCS kits that whatever unit they are plugged get issued? Or if they have a catch all issue kit that they wear with all units they work with. And I'm not talking about uniform, cuase I know CCTs have been seen in AOR1.
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