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  1. Lol so the hammer just broke in my gun, which brings the total to two parts broken! So im waiting for KWA's proshop to stock the disconnector because...well...they are the only ones that stock the hammer, or so i'm seeing through my searches. Suggestions? Anyone? Also, ollie, removing the disconnector spring will keep the gun working when the disconnector is broken? Or removing the spring while the part is intact will keep it from breaking?
  2. Ahhh the look of a freshly painted rifle.,,I feel my wallet getting lighter already as I contemplate what rattle cans I should buy.
  3. The disconnector recently broke on my gun as well. I heard that you could just remove the spring and the gun would function fine? Thats what some folks said on the kwa forums. Didn't work for me though and i'm in need of a replacement as well. Sadly the damn thing is impossible to find.
  4. sniperelite7


    Thanks Kojak, thing is. All I need is the body. No sense in going any higher just for that. Unless sr-25 bodies can't accept aftermarket m4 externals, in which case...
  5. sniperelite7


    ugh, I have grown woefully tired of my p* fusion engine- in an ar15's body. I need to man it up a little. A lot like that FAL, something with a little 7.62. Talked to polarstar and they said all you'd need is some spacers and an extended nozzle if you where dropping it into any of the metal bodies(sans g&g). I don't need a whole gun, just the body. Which complicates things as no one sells sr-25 metal bodies-except for Ehobby, with the AD body. Anyone have any other retail options apart from the usual trolling the for sale section of forums? I might ultimately get the AD body, but I want to
  6. sniperelite7


    Mmm that woudn't be the constructive way to go about it. Field owners would come down hard, too hard, considering he probably isn't even aware he is cheating the chrono. Yet, if he is running it as a dmr then he probably isn't even breaking the chrono rules. The pD need not be set too high on a polarstar. The higher that setting is the more energy creep the bb is subject too and typically it is kept lower than the default value. Or else your outright wasting air and killing accuracy. Shortstack-I advise you to check out polarstartalk.com. Lots knowledgeable people on there who can help you
  7. sniperelite7


    Easy there, he is in the US. 536fps is a legal power level in so far as a lot of the out door sites here go. With a 100ft med...and full auto disabled. Shortstack, I don't think anyone here is disputing that a polarstar can impart more energy on a BB. Its that given an aeg and a polarstar, both imparting the same level of energy on a bb, both will be able to achieve roughly the same effective range.
  8. sniperelite7


    Well this all escalated quickly. Should I get involved? My intelligence level may be questioned. Anyway, numbers for anyone's consideration hopefully that will clear up everything. Poppet dwell is all the way up. Note the gun is running in closed bolt mode. Chrono is an xcoretech. .2g/ 473/ 2.07 .3g/ 412.2/ 2.36 .36g/ 398.8/ 2.65 .4g/ 385.9/ 2.76 and for comparison's sake, I switched it to open bolt. .4g/ 377/ 2.64 The way I see it, an aeg and a polarstar should perform similar assuming same hopup/energy/bb. Consistency is easier to maintain at higher power leve
  9. sniperelite7


    Polarstars are strange fellows, they can behave like an aeg, in that once you go past a certain weight of bb the power drops off. Or if your like me and you cranked the poppet dwell(how much air is pushed down the barrel) up really high-it behaves like a gas gun on steroids. Its been awhile since I set my guns poppet dwell up high so I can't remember some details. But at 120psi my gun was shooting 513/.20s. When I stuck some .4s in there, it was shooting the joule equivliant to 580/w.2s. Again don't quote me, its been literally a year since that day I chrono'd it with those settings. Maybe whe
  10. sniperelite7


    Curious about your 300ft shots, are you using using bursts of full auto to maximize the chances of a hit?
  11. Awesome, very unique loadout. More gameplay videos of this unique setup would be great!
  12. Mmm never believe everything you see on the internet then. My kmp9 has the green piston seal.
  13. Oh dear, you might have exposed me for the fraud I am. It isn't brand new, though when it was I probably got a mag and a half of full auto if I remember correctly. 2 Magazines if semi auto was used. Which still contradicts all the reports I saw of people getting 3+ magazines, full auto on a cold day. I fill it until it starts spitting propane back at me, then repeat that several times until i'm sure the magazine is full. I'm a relative idiot when it comes to gas in mag guns, being that I bought this shooter used i've always been wary of its performance.
  14. *sigh* i'm pretty sure I posted in this thread before but can't find it. My KMP9's gas efficiency isn't working out to great, noticed during a game that my buddy would try to empty the mag on full auto(I told him 'Keep it on semi"), but it would run out of gas before it got to that point. Full magazine, filled properly, Mag isnt leaky, propane in 70F+ weather. What do you guys look for when solving gas efficiency problems? I believe the mag's seal is sitting properly against the cylinder. I have noticed that the gas release valve spits out gas along the seam of the "button" which the hammer hi
  15. Alright thanks, i'll take a look through the last 10 pages. Fortunately i'm a bit more mechanically inclined than he is
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