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  1. First Man In

    Stark-Arms/VFC Glock 19

    Anyone by chance get a traded version shipped over to the states through WGC lately? Very interested in picking one up if I can still get the trademarked version, I know I use to be able to get TMs by just telling them to split the slide and frame and cover the trades with tape.
  2. First Man In


    Snoopy, may I also recommend wrapping the threads in teflon tape? I've done so religiously to all my Gbb's that I run on propane to great success. So far from what I've seen the KRISS seems to be a miss. Less than stellar accuracy from the new hop up I've only heard raving reviews about and some weak points that you would think would have been noticed in testing. Sounds to me like a rushed product to get it out before the new year. Guess I'll be waiting for a gen2 or reinforced model.
  3. First Man In


    You could also argue that the sacrifice in recoil to mimic the SUPER V design is more realistic. Let's face it airsoft guns have little rrcoil, obviously iimplementing a recoil reduction system would reduce it to nothing. Its still realistic in magazine capacity, bolt catch, mechanical function, and such and personally, I'd rather have the same firing mech as the real steel than more recoil. While I agree the recoil is disappointing, I think it was a worthy sacrifice. Great review, as long as you guinea pig testers can run this thing for awhile without major flaws I'll definitetly pick one up out of the next batch.
  4. First Man In

    PTW clones( DTW A&K etc)

    This is probably a really stupid question that I just failed to look over, but like a PTW does this little guy have the blowback/bolt lock or is it just like the WE Katana system?

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