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  1. bettyblue84

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    Massive improvement, Genuine Multicam webbing, Straight stitching, Better shaped plate bags. The only thing I dont like is the standard shoulder cover socks that come on it are Coyote Brown. I cut those off and threw on some Crye sholder pads.
  2. bettyblue84

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    TMC's new multicam AVS
  3. bettyblue84

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    ICS can use any TM compatiable rail system, as long as you change the barrel nut to a G&P one. Below is my old ICS m4 (top in picture). Same goes for suppressors or flash hiders as long as they are the correct threading (CCW/CW). There is a lot of myths surrounding ICS M4's and most of them just arent true. The only thing you cant change on them is the receiver due to the split gearbox design.
  4. bettyblue84

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    Finished Mk18 Mod1 TM Recoil Sopmod Madbull DD 9.5" RIS II KAC Style can VFC KAC buis Element TD foregrip Gbase Elcan Spectre DR Element LA-5 ATIPAL Element Mx3 and dual switch Battleaxe P-mags for TM's Dragonind Vtac style AOR1 Sling DD foreward QD sling mount Internal: BTC Specter V2 for next Gen, SHS High Torque, SHS 13:1 gears, M100 spring, ZCI 6.02 TBB, Prommy purple rubber
  5. bettyblue84

    Pics of your Gear

    Marui Recoil Mk18 Mod1 & VGC 6094A
  6. bettyblue84

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    Simple, I use a Crye Gunclip on my belt. Primary hangs to front or off hand side, or if its not on a sling, its leaning against a wall.
  7. bettyblue84

    Glock Picture Thread

  8. bettyblue84

    Initial Impressions of the TM SOPMOD M4 AEG

    Just the standard 10.5" im after, May aswell give it a try for $26
  9. bettyblue84

    Initial Impressions of the TM SOPMOD M4 AEG

    Thanks. The pro arms seems to be the cheapest of them all, possiably an indicator of the quality?
  10. bettyblue84

    Initial Impressions of the TM SOPMOD M4 AEG

    Does anyone else but Dytac make compatiable outter barrels for the RS line?
  11. bettyblue84

    (AVOID) http://warriorairsofteshop.com/

    I have managed to get the money back, no thanks to telling them I would post this review on different forums. Shame it had to come down to this to get money back but hey ho lesson learnt.
  12. bettyblue84

    (AVOID) http://warriorairsofteshop.com/

    Just googled "FFI Aor1" and they were on the first page.
  13. bettyblue84

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    modded Solidfox CPC
  14. Ordered a set of FFI Aor1 cammies on the 15th of this month, Got an email from them a day later saying they were out of stock. I would have thought they would have refunded me but they decided not to bother and keep my money. I asked for the refund in 2 emails and got a reply "will refund you today (17th)" and since then nothing. Opened a paypal dispute and they havnt bothered replying to it either. Looks like they just dont give a *suitcase*. I escalated to a claim today and paypal has givin them another 10 days to respond (10 days WTF?) Overall terriable shop, and to top it off, You can still order and pay for the item in question on their site thats out of stock (FFI AOR1 Gen 2 set medium). Avoid this place
  15. bettyblue84

    MODI JPC Overview

    They have a version with multicam webbing, bit more expensive though. http://www.shootercbgear.com/product_info.php?products_id=7235

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