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  1. schneiderboy

    WE Gas Blow Back M4A1 Carbine

    have you guys used a guide to install the npas by any chance? I just find closed bolt guides... bbstriker, do you get more consistency since you installed your npas?
  2. schneiderboy

    WE Gas Blow Back M4A1 Carbine

    I think either my mags are off specs or umarex makes real crappy cartridges. I seem to get out most of em after shooting, but some just stick inside, cause they're to a tiny bit to large for the hole... Anyway, I just open the mag and still get em out But I noticed two wierd things on my m4. 1. I can't get 30 shots from 1 cartridge on most mags, now I just load 25. The temperature was about 25C 2. I bought a npas but havent installed it yet, cause I get around 350fps on co2. The fps should be higher right? Do you load 30 bbs and are you able to get more than 1 mag per cartridge? Cheers Dan
  3. schneiderboy

    WE Gas Blow Back M4A1 Carbine

    A question to all co2 users. Which co2 makes do you guys use? I bought 100 umarex cartridges only to find out that they are to fat for the co2 mag
  4. *fruitcage*s for a fiver .D

  5. schneiderboy

    Videos Thread !

    thanks, looks really well made .D
  6. schneiderboy

    Videos Thread !

    what camera do you use?
  7. schneiderboy

    Videos Thread !

    Hi guys. We had to wait for our enemy because they wanted more time for lunch. Anyway, we did a zombiegame. It was fun. Zombie Game Enjoy
  8. schneiderboy

    Videos Thread !

    should work now. Forgive me the cheesy rainbow6 music, but its my first try with camera and movie editors. Anyway, have fun. Cheers Daniel
  9. schneiderboy

    Videos Thread !

    trying out my pov 1.5 for the first time^^ Please give me some tipps if you know how to make it better CHeers Daniel
  10. schneiderboy

    WE Gas Blow Back M4A1 Carbine

    is the tsc enhanced buffer any good? link I have seen summer and winter springs for the we m4? do they really give any effect? Cheers Daneil
  11. schneiderboy

    WE Gas Blow Back M4A1 Carbine

    Thank you very much mr. silva Is it needed to get new trigger parts? I also did a bit beating to my charginghandle and its still one piece. So I guess that I got a good one? I will buy the ra-tech parts. npas and the new hop up stuff and a few co2 magazines. CHeers Daniel
  12. schneiderboy

    WE Gas Blow Back M4A1 Carbine

    honestly I dont know. But I made a picture, maybe it helps. Does your bolt catch work 100%? Cheers Daniel
  13. schneiderboy

    WE Gas Blow Back M4A1 Carbine

    thanks for the help mr. silva. Where can I check which version I have? I bellieve its a ver. 2 Cheers Daniel
  14. schneiderboy

    WE Gas Blow Back M4A1 Carbine

    Hello guys I got a we m4. I heard that the npas is quite effective. Is there any way to improve accuracy? Cheers Daniel
  15. schneiderboy

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    Hello everybody... some pictures from my team at the recent op in giromany, france enoy

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