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  1. pokerf@ce

    SCAR Inc.

    Pictures from my team SCAR Inc. Training, In-game, Posed pictures...
  2. pokerf@ce

    Airsoft Gear 2012-2015

    My gear from last year that I sold and my new gear.
  3. PTW 2008CQB-R (Tack-mod) Bushnell Holo Sight Surefire Scout 600 Madbull Mk18 9.5" Daniel Defense SOPMOD II-RIS II Madbull Surefire 6" Silencer Paintjob by: NEROS BUIS and other stuff is on the way :-)
  4. Nothing new under the sun, but here is my contribution: TM Glock 17 Gen.3 * Surefire x300 (RS) * Guarder Coyote Brown Frame * PGC metal slide & Outer Barrel. * Nine Ball High Speed recoil spring * Raven PDI Precision Inner barrel * Guns Modify Tritium Night sights. Rest is TM standard.
  5. My new gear.... Tyr Tactical PICO Plate Carrier with Point Blank Training Plates.(RS) Blue Force Ten Speed M4 pouch (RS) Tactical Tailor Pistol Mag Pouches (RS) Danish flag patch and Nick name/ Country patch. Msa Sordin IV headset. (RS) Nexus U-94 PTT. (RS) Yaesu VX-170 radio. Ops-Core Fast Base Jump Helmet. (RS) Princeton Tec MPLS single light. Smith Optics Boogie Regulator Googles, Ignitor Lenses w/ Ops-core set-up Kit. Camelbak H.A.W.G. Tactical Tailor Enhanced Admin Pouch. TM gen.3 Glock 17 with Surefire x300(RS) Predator Inc.Kydex Holster.(Custom molded for my G17/SF
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