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  1. Looks really promising. Hoping this can revolutionize the AEG segment.
  2. Best cat pic evar. Great rifle each time I see it. Keep 'em coming.
  3. Is that you? Damn your hot...
  4. Thanks Hwagan! Maybe it's the FDE underneath? I originally wanted black but I got a decent deal on the FDE so I'm happy. I prefer the rectangular profile of the FSP/Lites. The RIS II's feel too skinny for my tastes. I like my guns like I like my women, meaty. Well, rack wise anyway.
  5. You're weird. jk I want SCAR panels. The XTMs will have to do for now.
  6. Yeah, I'll be hitting up my local Ace Hardware for screws for the absolute co-witness, o-rings for the mag inlet valves, and maybe a shim for the upper/barrel. The DD barrel nut leaves just a hair of space that allows for very slight movement of the barrel.
  7. The mount is Dytac's diecast version. They were out of stock on the CNC version but I'm pleased and it was cheaper too. There are two spacers included. No spacer gives a low mount, 1 spacer gives absolute, and 2 spacers gives lower 1/3. However, only 2 sets of spacer screws are included, those that work with 2 spacers or no spacers.
  8. It is a Dytac PWS piston gas block. As for the sight plane of the T1, the spacers in the KAC mount allow me to change between absolute and lower 1/3.
  9. Yeah, I was extremely pleased with the DD sights. I had Troy battlesights ready to go but I liked these far more.
  10. WIP... A couple of minor things I'm looking to change. As for big ticket stuff, I'm tempted to go RS/Prime MUR-1A upper and Prime DD lower if they'll fit without too much effort.
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