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  1. Nope, it's a TM M14 Woodstock. I painted the stock OD green and the heatshield brown with some Krylon. EDIT: Just so I don't have to start a new thread, what kinds of bi pods would work on the M14? Any kind with that adapter? I am currently looking at a King Arms Harris Bipod.
  2. Still can't decide if I want to get a bipod for it or not.
  3. Finally got a pic with my new M203 and G&P heat shield.
  4. It looks strikingly similar to my Famas as well. Me likes.
  5. You happen to know what wood kit is on that thing?
  6. Ah, after I installed my Guarder FTK, I noticed that some rounds didn't fire, although now it appears to have fixed itself. Was that because of the pinion gear? And, is it easy to replace? I figure I might as well just make my M14 internally Guarder.
  7. It's really easy. It should already have a hole in the stock for you. it is just a matter of detaching the trigger and gaurd, pulling off the stock, and then screwing in the adapter.
  8. I've had a game where I shot 6 BB's and had some 15 kills in the end. Bang kills ftw! EDIT: No, you remove the buttplate in order to get the battery in because it wont fit through the little door thingy. Then you screw the buttplate back on.
  9. Cool, i'll try that, this was my first paintjob, and I never really painted stuff like this before. I'll take all the tips I can get.
  10. My updated M14, for DMR purposes. A bit of a small scope compared to some of the others in this thread. As you can see, the paint is chipping on the grip and the stock where I rest my cheeck. I am going to touch it up with more layers of paint soon.
  11. Just did my first ever airsoft gun paintjob on my Famas, so forgive me if you think its newbish. I believe that next time I try something like this I will make some stensils. One plus I liked from the paint is that the Famas does not feel as shiny-plasticy anymore.
  12. Heh, when I first saw it I thought "Rifle Grenade Launcher," but now i see it. Don't ruin the beautiful K98 with that supressor!! Now, just to show that I aint just spamming, heres my collection. EDIT: Heh, just realized I have already posted this piccy, oh wells.
  13. Alrighty, got my hands on a G&P Scope Mount and a red dot scope. Its not as pimped out as some of the M14s around here, but I like the simple M14 look. The camera flash made it look a lot more plasticy than it really is though.
  14. heh, I just noticed. My Famas, M16, and m14 seem to all have the same barrel length.
  15. Finally managed to get some pictures of my M14: And my M14 compared with my collection:
  16. Nice one Fish, now I am really considering getting a reflex for my M14. how much did that cost you?
  17. Ah...lol...yeah that rings a bell. Now I really feel n00bish.
  18. Um....I am going to sound like the ultimate n00b, but whats R22? I've seen it somewhere before but can't place it. EDIT: Woot! I just ordered my M14!
  19. They really are quite nice pictures. I didn't mind seeing them again. Good luck on the upgrading UrPeaceKepper. Except to be stressed out because of the gearbox, lol. I have yet to open a gearbox and not have to worry about something or other. Still trying to conjure up some money and find a good place to buy an M14 myself, lol.
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