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    L.A.W. 66 Banzooka (License revoked) ;)

    TM ICS M4 with Samurai c33 handguard, G&P vert grip and Tac-Light (Roseanne)
    Pair of TM Mp5k's (Brian and Dave)
    TM Mk23 Socom (SPOD)
    Pair of KSC Glock 19's (Metal slide) (Dexter & Sinister)
    Koshai CO2 revolver (Sheila)
    TM Spas 12 (Matilda)
    TM G36C (Kirk)
    TM/STAR G36 SL9 (Angelina)
    Mac-11 (Ruby)
    Pair of TM Hi-capas (Anubis and Horus)
    Tanaka S&W M629 Performance Center V Comp (The Samaritan)
    CA249 with box mag (Bertha)
    L96 clone - (River)
    HFC Hard Rubber Bayonet

    My Immediate wish list:
    Clone UMP

    My Long term wish list:
    HK416 DX

    VCR bill? Bring it on! :)
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    Meet the twins, bitch!
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  1. Ghost_Rider

    What's your backup?

    Dearest, a CA249 is far more than a box mag. It's a full metal high ROF DEALER OF PLASTIC DEATH!!!!!!!!! Ahem
  2. Ghost_Rider

    What's your backup?

  3. Ah well, I'll find out when mine shows up
  4. The reason I seem to see people raving about the power is threefold; 1) It is WELL above the usual power level expected for the 'clone' market, which is usually well below the standard 280/300 fps. 2) Having a high power level means that various other bits will HAVE to be pre-upgraded to cope, so when you do drop in lower powered spring then you have little else to do. 3) There are a bunch of sites out there that allow bolties to 500fps, including one local to me. Wether they're on safe legal ground or not has been discussed to death, but the fact remains, these sites exist, and such FPS limits are used safely. I've already got an m100 or two in my bits box, so I'm buy the stock rifle and I'll swap the springs in and out as and when required. I'll concede the cheek rest point, but then, I wouldn't use it anyway.
  5. II'm not sure your figures are correct mate. After you do the maths, assuming you use standard airmail, the unscoped L96 comes in at £87 shipped. Even if you get stung with import duty and taxes, it's not likely to me more than £120. Add the cost of an m100 spring, which is all you need to change. - £10. Changing the spring is a matter of removing the bolt, undoing two screws, and swapping the springs out. Real easy. So thats £130 for a Sniper rifle that seems comparable to a stock VSR 10 by most accounts, and a VSR g-spec runs to £174, without shipping. Hardly 'teetering' towards their price levels unless you get the bog standard VSR, and that comes without scope rail - I'm not even sure you cn get an aftermarket one either. Plus, it LOOKS like an L96 - which for me is the deciding factor. I think the reason people seem to be getting hung up on the power level is because it's far in excess of what we usually expect of the chinese 'clones.'
  6. Ghost_Rider

    Girls only? No wai!

    Originally, yes, the team forums were for both banter and orginisation - and in a sense, they still are. However, if the topic under discussion is not team related then it gets canned or moved. We've had teams creating discussion threads for current movies, for example, and they tend to get moved or merged pretty quickly. Spamming is spamming, wherever it takes place
  7. Ghost_Rider

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Well, everyone except Gene.
  8. Ghost_Rider

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gi2CfuqcUGE Just watch. It's the Hoff!
  9. Ghost_Rider

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Loose 3 million rep points for listening to David Hasslehoff.
  10. Ghost_Rider


    Unofficially, STS has existed since I was 17. Officialy....it's three months old - it's the freelance company I set up after I graduated with my degree in Technical Production - it makes doing freelance stuff for other companies easier on the paperwork.
  11. Ghost_Rider


    Silvertouch.technical.services@gmail.com Don't worry, I'll make sure she gets it
  12. Ghost_Rider

    Movie time: V for Vendetta

    Personally, I thought calling him a 'terrorist' all the time hammered home the point that it's a word used ALL THE TIME by current government as a reason for restricting personal freedom. "You must have new biometric ID's to help us stop terrorists" for example. Calling someone a 'terrorist' immediately implies a lack of moral scruples and attacks on innocents - NO ONE V kills is innocent throughout the entire movie.
  13. Ghost_Rider

    White Van Man

    I was NOWHERE NEAR THE *fruitcage*-ING TRUCK!
  14. Ghost_Rider

    Not something you see every day

    Bannage Lol

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