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  1. i already know its for my stepdad thanks hauk
  2. my stepdad thinks that those m249's that m.thumwood posted are m60's prove him wrong please.
  3. CA is one of my things to buy and a acog because i dont like the fixed carry handle either
  4. very nice sig552 there excellent holsters i love mine to bits
  5. new tm p226. thanks dudemattored
  6. but on the other hand the king arms MRE looks so tempting!!
  7. thanks i am actually comtemplating on keeping it that way
  8. blackwater plate carrier and 3 hsgi pistol mag pouches. in the mail are blackhawk triple m4 pouch blackwater I-O pc side panels and hsgi frag pouch
  9. you know you want it. how much does that even cost?
  10. i did attach my pistol pouch to it once
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