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  1. Matthais_31

    ICS M16 A3 - £70

    Open to offers
  2. Matthais_31

    TRMR BFG .209 primer £55

    Sold, pending collection
  3. Matthais_31

    TRMR BFG .209 primer £55

    TRMR BFG in red, that takes .209 shotgun primers. Bought, used once, and I have not been airsofting since! Consequently hardly a mark on it. Looking for £55 shipped. If I can post the remaining .209 primers, I will include those as well. Any questions, let me know
  4. Matthais_31

    ICS M16 A3 - £70

    Hi All, Looking to sell an ICS M16 A3 as a project gun/for parts. Full working order, but would need a new hop up unit (lever/arm snapped). I also swapped the original stock for a shorter one, as I needed the longer one for a different project. Looking for £70 Any questions, let me know.

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