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  1. i just remember Vera is based on a Saiga.
  2. wildething


    New toy WE SVD
  3. Trying to get your work on Cursed gun images again?
  4. How's the SIG P230 always wanted one just can't bring my self to spend £170 on a pistol
  5. profile says i joined in 2004 sure it was earlier but still kicking. I think Airsoft forums can come back there is ok traffic on Airsoft forums uk. arnies could have life again its still one of the best for news .
  6. renegadecow Stop showing us things I can't have!
  7. Has anyone used rainbow 8 http://www.rainbow8.com/ they apear to be hongkong based?
  8. glock, 17, 18c, 34 and a 19( i think) 2 1911s, specter, 2 mp5s a 36, a mac 11 Uzi and mini Uzi, m9 and a M733. what do i win?
  9. Maekl can you tell me where you got that Cyma galil sar? I haven't seen any for sale.
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