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  1. wildething

    Does anyone sell Lipo Ready AEP's ?

    https://www.airsoftworld.net/new-tokyo-marui-micro-aep-to-mp7-skorpion-mac10-battery-adaptor-li-po-lipo-7-4v-550mah.html https://www.airsoftworld.net/world-exclusive-lithium-polymer-aep-battery-li-po-lipo-7-4v-550mah.html
  2. wildething

    Does anyone sell Lipo Ready AEP's ?

    there are lipo battery adaptors anything else would be a custom rewire
  3. as the title says after just the lower receiver for ASG. KWA KSC M11A1/ MAC 11.
  4. wildething

    WE's jet-fire

    if it was just about practical every one would use a MK23 and an M4 with a drum mag. if it shoots you can get a kill and if it looks cool all the better
  5. wildething

    Marui Festival 2019

    it's not a holier than thou attitude. look at my above post it is not financially worth it for the Japanese companies to officially export airsoft, Airsoft is a niche market and the big companies are not that big. That's why stuff goes out of stock all the time they don't have the production capacity to constantly produce all their products, stuff is made in cycled batches.
  6. wildething

    Marui Festival 2019

    For marui to be officially interest in out side of Japan and have formal exports they would have to bend over to some one like cybergun or they would spend for ever in court fighting copyright. If you think TM is expensive now just see what it would be like with TM paying royalties. The market is just not worth it for them financially. TM make a lot of other thing beside airsoft.
  7. wildething

    Marui Festival 2019

    They really don't care.
  8. wildething

    Shotgun Picture Thread

  9. wildething

    58th Shizuoka Hobby Show Tokyo Marui Products

    Tokyo Marui still doesn't have any official international distribution( they just don't seem to be interested in sales out side japan) how many of those brands have a footing in japan?
  10. wildething

    58th Shizuoka Hobby Show Tokyo Marui Products

    There aren't many companies that aren't rip offs of TMs designs or started by ripping off TM.
  11. wildething

    Ares WA2000

    Ares WA2000 VSR based spring sniper rifle. real wood aluminium frame, adjustable check rest and butt stock, 50 rd tube mag removable bipod and carry case included. gun has been a display piece though has several scratches on the metal and wood. completely stock. £400 posted and paypaled, proof of defence required.
  12. wildething

    VFC MP7 AEG looks closer and closer

    LW ain't the cheapest.
  13. wildething

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    profile says i joined in 2004 sure it was earlier but still kicking. I think Airsoft forums can come back there is ok traffic on Airsoft forums uk. arnies could have life again its still one of the best for news .
  14. wildething

    Videos Thread !

    This video convinced me to a ct25 any chance you would put together a tutorial for the sleeve mount please?
  15. wildething

    WE Hudson H9

    Doesn't look to bad with a torch

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