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  1. My effort, bit of a WIP, got to get some real Crye's and a battle belt next. Photos by Ashleigh Wright Sports Photograpy
  2. Very interested to see the install on these, was initially considering the ASCU, but after hearing of all the issues am now leaning towards one of these instead...
  3. Shardik - where? I'd be happy to pay a slightly inflated price, over ordering one from the US with a stupid $60-70 shipping rate...
  4. Bought one of these the other week at the Sandpit. Absolutely cracking piece of kit, went off every time I used it and very good build quality - seems like it'll last a while. Once they bring out the shotgun primer base it'll be cheap as chips to deploy (pretty cheap already - the BFG + 25 9mm blanks works out at something like £2.50 a throw, only going to get cheaper). Would highly recommend.
  5. Comes to just over half of a new OB M4. Though that's just the internal conversion costed. Hmmm, might be best just to save for a new OB, or buy a better 2nd hand one
  6. Cheers for the advice is the closed bolt still worth it? Or should I budget for an immediate OB upgrade?
  7. Thinking about one of these, found one but has a few issues. How hard is it to fix the 'loose' fire selector issue (I think from reading the thread it's a matter of a spring?) and also it's a closed bolt - should I just sack off buying a fixer-upper and go for a new one? Would be my first GBB rifle (owned pistols but never a rifle)
  8. Thanks for the review - I was strongly considering purchasing one (particularly for the Hop Unit/Stop on empty functions as well as the trigger performance) - but sounds like I won't get any of that with the Gen3. Don't suppose you happen to have a Gen2 ASCU for comparison purposes (i.e. trigger response side by side)
  9. Want one of these in black v.badly - but it appears getting them into the UK is an absolute *albartroth*. I'm not paying the frankly ludicrous $70+ shipping on one, plus import & customs and the only retailer I could find who *did* stock them now no longer does due to issues with TAG. Anyone know where it's possible to pick one up over here? Or, alternatively has a black one for sale?
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