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  1. I'm a little late to this conversation, but Digikey has microswitch with higher continuous amp rating than 11A. You should be using at least the same 15A microswitch that shows up in airsoft gearboxes. http://search.digikey.com/scripts/DkSearch/dksus.dll?Detail&name=480-3188-ND They also have ones all the way up to >20A.
  2. How is the battery cover for the red dot? The old ARES G36 RDS had a battery cover that locked rather loosely. I was told that they have since corrected this, but has been unable to verify it for myself.
  3. I'd also like to see pictures of the piston head and spring guide, please.
  4. The way you're wording things is a little confusing. It seems like you recognize that ARES and STAR are two separate companies, but you're suggesting they might as well be the same because their products are alike? Having cracked opened both STAR M4 and the new ARES M4, that's not the case. While it is true that older ARES products, closer to the original separation between the two companies, are basically identical to STAR, it's also true that ARES is progressively refining older STAR designs. The differences are small but growing (M4 hopup is no longer locked into the gearbox, for o
  5. No, most definitely not the same company, from everything I've been repeated told. And I work with distributors for both companies and the ACR has come up more than once. I don't think STAR is involved, if only because when ARES split off, they took most of the R&D capacity with them as the OEM. The hopup rubber looks ARES, but parts OEMs are widely shared in the industry. There are various design points that are STAR (and now ARES) like, but I think some people are having a bit of trouble wrapping their head around the idea that someone might clone a non-TM mechbox for once. If P
  6. Very creative solution, davidson. Gotta try that one out.
  7. Oh wow, the AFG and the G36C look incredible together. Did not expect that at all. Just imagine throwing some Magpul G36 mags on there. Nice review, though soon to be outdated. ARES has a new line of G36s coming out that's suppose to blow every existing G36 away.
  8. Which of the parts unique to the ARES Tavor are you worried about? Unless more guns use that gearbox, it'd be unlikely that an aftermarket manufacturer would jump in and make the special parts. Also, can you elaborate on what's wrong with your microswitch?
  9. Some countries don't use a "respectable" 450fps as a benchmark for AEG viability....
  10. It's TAR21 Dark Earth, not Tan. The RW picture is significantly lighter than the actual gun.
  11. Best fix is probably getting accustomed to it. The real TAR21 has a very long trigger pull too, with plenty of excess. Nature of the beast.
  12. Both wires along the back is the standard for all M4/16 AEGs based on Marui's version 2 (or in this case, modified version 2).
  13. Did you buy the Tavor for the sight or the gun? The performance of the MARS is unfortunate, but at the end of the day, it's removable. If ARES didn't care about customers satisfaction, the Tavor itself would've been the problem, not the accessory.
  14. Sure you pay for it. "Included" doesn't mean free, the cost of making the accursed thing and a profit margin for it is still factored into the price of the Tavor. I'd expect the Tavor to retail between $70-100USD less without the MARS.
  15. First of all, ARES and Star are not the same company. Second, most of this thread has been nitpicking, including my own posts, because that's what airsofters do. Read closely and you'll notice all the users actually do like the gun, just not the MARS so much. For what you'd be paying with a TSI, I sure as heck hope so. I highly doubt a lowest-bidder Chinese clone will be better than the ARES.
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