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  1. It sounds very doable, I've got some sample material already on the way! Getting more and more tempted by the Detonator kit... Nearly forgot, what kind of pouches do you guys use to hold your hk45 mags?
  2. That's a pretty damn good idea! Could be a bit fiddly as the one I've got is a fold over one but worth a shot. Any recommendation for a glue to hold it all together? I suspect normal super glue would ruin the fabric.
  3. The Detonator kit sounds promising. I'll be honest, I'm leaning more towards the standard kit than the tactical. I don't really intend to use a suppressor on it so I'm not sure I need the threaded barrel. I currently use a kydex holster so I'm a bit concerned about the rate of wear it will have on the slide. How tough is the finish on these kits?
  4. Been thinking about getting a metal slide for my Marui HK45. Does anyone have any recommendations as for brand? I've been looking at the Detonator and Shooter's Design ones particularly, anyone have any experience with either?
  5. Did anyone find a fix to the de-cocker problem?
  6. I'm not sure it depends on where has it in stock and what colour is available. I really like the look of yours FireKnife, it's the matte black one right? Is the finish good?
  7. Really interested in getting one of these. Is there any real difference between the three available colours? Is the 'metalled' one just a shiny black?
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